2019 Kia Rio: A Small Package of Excellence

2019 Kia Rio: A Small Package of Excellence

When you’re looking for a small and affordable car to handle your daily commute, the 2019 Kia Rio can be an excellent choice for you.

This little car is one that comes in both a four-door sedan and five-door hatchback builds in order to give you the style you want. This subcompact car is a beauty on the road and it gives you the technology you’re looking for to make sure you can have the drive you want.

Value Where You Need It

Do you want an attractive subcompact car that can drive around the city and give you the fuel mileage you need? Are you searching for value in a model that fits easily into your budget? If so, the Kia Rio should be considered. This car sips fuel, fits everywhere, and allows you to connect your smartphone with the use of either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto when you get behind the wheel. Kia offers you an excellent powertrain warranty to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when you take it out for a drive.

A Bigger and Better Kia Rio for You

The Kia Rio took on some changes for the 2018 model year that carry over to the 2019 version. This car was completely redesigned and updated with a larger platform, a new body, an improved interior, and more safety features than what was offered in the past. For the 2019 model year, you won’t see the manual transmission offered and the hatchback model is only offered in the S trim. You’re going to love this bigger and better Kia Rio when you want a small and active car to drive around in the city.

The 2019 Kia Rio has Some Excellent Features

The Standard Packages You Desire

The LX trim of the Kia Rio is offered with a tilt steering wheel, a trip computer, air conditioning, Sirius satellite radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. While this base model is light on the features, moving to the S trim won’t cost much more and it brings a lot more as part of the standard items for you. The S trim allows you to have a front center armrest, a 60/40 split-folding rear seat, a seven-inch infotainment screen, a USB charger, and cruise control for the ride.

A Few Options to Add to the Kia Rio

Because the LX trim is sparse, it only has one option and that’s to have it painted in Aurora Black Pearl. The S trim does give you the option to have either of the body styles, which allows you to have more room in the hatchback model for the gear you need to take with you. This higher trim is also offered with LED headlights, forward collision assist, and a seven-inch touchscreen with UVO telematics to give you the drive and the qualities you want when you take it out for a drive.

A Small and Impressive Engine for the Kia Rio

As a small car, you don’t need a massive power plant in the 2019 Kia Rio to give you the drive you need. The power for this little car comes from a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 130 horsepower and 119 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission to give you 28 city/37 hwy mpg for the drive you’ll enjoy. Because you don’t have to choose your power, you can focus on making sure the Kia Rio has everything you want for the drive.

Is the Kia Rio Right for You?

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to a small car for the drive that you want to enjoy on the road, you need to see your nearby Kia dealership today. Take a test drive in this car and see if it has the features and qualities you’re looking for when you get out on the road. The 2019 Kia Rio can be right for you when you take a drive that will include fuel mileage, electronics, and a comfortable ride. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the Kia Rio when you let it be the car that’s right for you.

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