Green Never Looked So Good as it Does in the Ford Mustang

Green Never Looked So Good as it Does in the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang takes on a green appearance and gives you more to celebrate the beginning of spring and the upcoming summer months.

When we think of the green color we often associate this color with envy, sickness, and a feeling of uneasiness. As much as this color has been associated with negative feelings, it’s also the color we attach to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, many of the sports teams we love, and the coming of the spring season.

Green is a color that seems to be able to go in two different directions and it appears Ford wants to help build on the positive feeling you have when you see green, especially in the Mustang you want to drive.

Ford Gives Us a Reason to Love Green

Just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Ford showed off a new 2019 Mustang that was wearing a new paint color. This color is the one added to the sports car lineup that’s called “Need for Green” to give us a deep and impressive green color that will remind you of the grass you walk on, the coming of your favorite time of the year, or the celebrations in the middle of March. This impressive green gives us a new look at this sports car and it certainly is captivating and gorgeous on the Mustang.

More for the Ford Mustang

If Ford stopped at adding a new paint color to the mix, it might not be worth discussing, but the Mustang is also being offered with the California Special nameplate for the 2019 model year. This is a great way for the Ford team to bring back a name that’s been used only three other times in its history.

The GT model now gains rev-matching for a better drive and you can now choose to have a Bang & Olufsen audio system included in the Mustang you want to drive and enjoy when you head out on the road. Even the EcoBoost model of the Mustang has been improved with active valve performance exhaust to give you more performance.

Previously, this system was only offered on the V8 GT models but now you’ll see it in the EcoBoost version. These improvements to the Mustang absolutely make it more exciting and fun to drive with the variety of choices that you can make when it’s time to enjoy the ride out on the roads in your area.

The Symbol of Fun is the Ford Mustang

The Mustang has become a symbol of fun that you can have on the road and if you’re confident in your own attitude and want to show off, the “Need for Green” color could be the right one for you.

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