Subcompact Driving Pleasure in the Ford Fiesta

Subcompact Driving Pleasure in the Ford Fiesta

If you’re looking for a small car that can fit nearly everywhere you want to go, the Ford Fiesta is the car you may want to choose.

This is a fuel-efficient car that’s small, energetic, affordable, and active on the road. There are four trims and two body styles for you to choose from in order to have the look and the ride you want in the Fiesta. When you want more in this class, the Fiesta ST is certainly the right place to look.

The tech offered in the Fiesta will keep you engaged and the choice between a sedan or hatchback makes it easy for you to have the right Fiesta for the drive. Ford has done an amazing job of continuing to offer us more of the qualities we want when it’s time to head out on the road with the choices that can be made in this little car. If you choose the Fiesta ST you’re going to have a hot hatch that brings you 197 horsepower for the drive that makes more sense for you when you head out on the road to take a drive.

The Ford Fiesta Makes Driving Better for You

When you’re ready to have a comfortable, confident, and easy to control car to enjoy on the road, the Fiesta brings you what you’re looking for. This small car is built for 2018 without the three-cylinder engine that used to be one of the base offerings. You’ll now see a larger infotainment screen offered in the Fiesta for the drive and a standard rearview monitor on every model to make it possible for you to stay safer on the road and see what’s behind you when you back up out of your driveway.

The Fiesta ST trim is one that brings you fun and active driving with the fuel mileage you want. This version of the Fiesta uses a 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine to offer you the power you need to have a lot of fun on the road. Even though this is the most powerful version of the Fiesta you’re going to find, it’s also built to offer you 33 mpg for the drive on the highway. Take this car out for a drive and make it the right one for you to experience the party that is the Fiesta.

Where can you find the compact car you want to drive and enjoy on the road? Stop by your nearby Ford dealership and take the Fiesta out for a test drive to see if it’s the car that can be right for you on the road. This small, active, fun to drive and the feature-filled car is one that will offer you an easy daily commute and a lot of fun when you head out for the ride that makes the most sense to you. Come in and check out the party you can have on the roads in the Fiesta.

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