Still Want a Manual Transmission? Check Out These Cars!

Still Want a Manual Transmission; Check Out These Cars

There are some of us that still want the ability to row our own gears, even when it’s only on the weekends that you take your sports car out for a drive on the tracks.  If you’re one of these people and hate the fact that so many cars are being built without a manual transmission, take a look at this list and find the model that can be right for you to drive.

Mazda Miata – This car that stands for fun has been offering us a manual transmission to enjoy in every generation and continues to make it possible for us to have the ride we want to enjoy on the roads and tracks we drive.

Subaru BRZ – The sports car from Subaru that offers you the power you want and a quick drive is also one that brings you the shifting you’re looking for.  This is a car that’s a lot of fun to drive wherever you need to go and gives you an amazing feeling.

Chevrolet Corvette – The manual found in this car is built for speed and to help you rip off the fast lap you want.  With seven forward gears for you, this is a car that has the insane power to be the American supercar you’re going to love to drive.

Porsche 911 – Up and down the lineup of the Porsche 911 you’ll find the ability to show off on the road and tracks in your area with a manual shifter that can be excellent for you to enjoy.  This car has been one of the best in history and continues to be admired.

Fiat 500 Abarth  – At this trim level, you’ll see a car that’s a lot of fun to drive and has a menacing look to make it one that will show you the right way to experience a small and active hot hatch when you push the accelerator down.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 – There aren’t too many ways you can have the Mustang that’s much better than what the Voodoo model offers you.  This is a car that pumps out 526 horsepower for the ride so that you can have the fun you want on the track.

Jeep Wrangler – As you would expect, the Wrangler brings you a manual transmission and it’s a completely different type of fun for you to experience when you get behind the wheel and head out on the trails in your area.  This is the off-road beast you’re sure to love.

Porsche Cayman –  There are several versions of this Porsche beauty that give you a stick shift to enjoy and if you choose the GT4 model you’re going to have 385 horsepower for the screaming performance that makes a huge impact for you on the track.

BMW M3 – This isn’t a surprise, but rather an expectation.  You’ll love the smooth sifter and the fun drive in a car that can give you 425 horsepower and be one of the most amazing cars for you to drive in the world.

Cadillac ATS-V – As the track Caddy that you want to show off with smooth elegance on the roads and fiery aggression when you take it to the track, the ATS-V offers you the ability to take on all challengers and win.  Let this be the right car for you to show off.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – Of course this car has a manual transmission, it also has 707 ponies galloping under the hood to give you the drive you’re looking for and the performance you want when you push this car to its maximum acceleration level.  Whether you’re looking at a gently pre-loved used Dodge Challenger, or a brand spanking new one straight off the lot, this driving experience of this American muscle car is one that will never let you down.  Especially with your grip fast on that leather-wrapped clutch.

Ford Focus RS – This is one of the most impressive hot hatches on the market today and it brings you 350 horsepower for the drive.  When was the last time you thought of a Ford Focus with this amount of power?  Probably never, and you get a manual transmission for the ride.

BMW M5 – You wouldn’t expect a mid-size luxury sedan to offer you a manual transmission, but this one does.  you can experience the athleticism, the performance and the power you want when you choose this as the car that you’ll love to drive.  Here that disntictive roar in the video below.

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