Toyota is Bringing Off-Road to Chicago

Toyota is Bringing Off-Road to Chicago

When you’ve searched for the right off-road model for the drive you’re looking for to have the experience you want out in the wilderness, the Toyota name has been one that offers what you need and the features that can make a huge difference to you while you drive. Toyota has been known for its reliable models that are built to give us the exceptional driving experience we want out on the roads and trails that we see and enjoy and now they are planning something new for the market to give us more of what we want out in the wilderness.

While the release of the specifics hasn’t taken place and the photo we’ve seen so far with the models that Toyota offers was taken from a distance, we’ve been told Toyota will have a new package of off-road qualities and features that will increase the performance and features offered in the TRD Pro package that we love to enjoy on the trails. With upgrades to the package, you can expect that we’ll get to see more of what we want in a brand that’s been known for getting us to and from the site we look for when we want adventures on the roads and trails.

Looking to Chicago For Toyota

The Chicago Auto Show will take place starting on February 8th and continue through the weekend. This will be the location where we’ll see the new off-road models that are going to be offered by Toyota to give us the look and feel we want. Currently, the package of items offered in the TRD Pro Package allows us to have a one to two inch lift, unique suspension tuning, upgraded tires, a TRD exhaust, skid plates, and different styling cues on the inside and out which makes this package one that gives you a great deal of performance for the drive.

While the team has been silent on the details they will offer, we might see the next version of the FJ Cruiser in all its glory as a production model, and certainly expect to see the Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner models wearing the new qualities that make these models more impressive on the trails that we love to travel. In the distant photo shared, we see all three of these model now have new grills and a variety of styling accents that will allow us to have more for the drive.

Pay attention to what Toyota brings to the stage when it’s time to see what these new off-road models will offer, like the Toyota Tacoma, Tundra or 4Runner so that you can make the right choice for your adventures in the future. You’re sure to be impressed as the market continues to improve and bring us more of the adventure vehicles we want so that we can explore the wilderness and forge our own trails. What better brand to do that with than Toyota, and with the new equipment offered, you’re surely going to be ready to head out for a weekend of fun in the outdoors.


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