An Overhauled Large Hauler

An Overhauled Large Hauler

One of the largest SUV models on the market today is the Ford Expedition. This big brute has been prowling the streets and has been part of our lives for several years. For the 2018 model year, the Ford team has rebuilt and redesigned the Expedition to bring it into the new model year with the qualities that you want to have. This is an SUV that has been built with some amazing features to make it one of the most incredible large SUVs you can find to drive and you’ll be amazed by the following nine features.
Wi-Fi Hotspot – It’s important for you to be able to remain connected and avoid using the data plan of your cell carrier when you drive. This system can allow you to connect up to ten devices while on the road, which will certainly allow your passengers to have what they need when you’re driving to wherever you need to go.

Plug ‘n Play – You’ll find a ton of places to charge your devices or plug in a small coffee maker if you so desire. There are USB ports everywhere, a 110-volt outlet, and even a wireless charging pad to make sure you can have the ability to set your devices on it and charge them up while driving on the road.

Rear-Seat Entertainment – In the headrests of the front seats you can see what you want to enjoy along the drive. Your kids can hook up their game consoles or their smartphones to project the images on the screen and have fun playing games and watching videos on these two screens. They aren’t equipped with touchscreen capability, which might turn out to be smart.

Spacious Third Row – If you have to carry adults in all three rows of seats you won’t watch them play Rock, Paper, Scissors to find out who is going to be in the cramped third row. This rear row is one that offers plenty of room for anyone that needs to ride in this area during the travels to wherever you’re going. The Expedition can be the perfect vehicle for your passengers.

Seat Height – In order to make the back two rows of seats be more comfortable than what they otherwise would be, the engineers paid special attention to the height of the seat bottom to make sure the height was similar to a chair to give you lots of room to put your legs below you in a way that feels natural to you when you ride around on the road.

Tip and Slide Second Row Seats – The travel to the rear of the vehicle is much easier for your passengers with this feature in the second row. You can make a quick and easy tip and slide of the second row of seats and enter the third row. This works with a child seat strapped in which makes for an easy and convenient for you when it’s time to get on the road.

Push Button Folding – If you need to fold the third row of seats all you need to do is push a button and it will go down in a smooth fashion. The second row can also fold down in a similar way to make sure you can have all seats folded down when you need more cargo room on the rear of the vehicle for the drive you’ll need to make.

Cavernous Cargo Area – With a nearly flat folded floor you’ll have an amazing amount of cargo room for you to be able to have the ability to take whatever you need to with you. This space is wide enough for full sheets of plywood in the back. If you choose the Max with the longer wheelbase, this plywood can be loaded with the cargo hatch closed.

Under Floor Storage – In the rear of the vehicle if you need to have a little more storage and want to have a place that’s good for items that need to be out of eyesight, there is a small space that can be accessed under the floor. The rear hatch area is also built in such a way as to keep cans and bottles from rolling out of the vehicle and smashing on the floor.

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