BMW X3 M – The BMW Infotainment System Leaked

BMW X3 M - The BMW Infotainment System Leaked

The team at BMW has been successful at keeping the new 2020 BMW X3 M a secret from the world with large amounts of thick camouflage.

Because of this, our interest in this new model was stronger than ever and we wanted nothing more than to see what this new SUV would be, especially since it will carry the M name on the back and be the higher performance model of this SUV for our driving pleasure.

The Screen Tells the Story

Recently, a spy photographer caught photos of the welcome screen that’s displayed by the infotainment screen in the test model, and this screen told an interesting story. The look given for this view was a glorious three-quarter view of the vehicle to give us a look at what the X3 M will look like. In fact, one of the photos that were captured, showed the X3 M logo clearly, which verifies what the new version of this performance SUV will be when it arrives for the 2020 model year. With this new information, we can make some guesses at what we will see when it arrives.

Subtlety Used Properly

The new X3 M is a pleasing vehicle with only subtle modifications to the regular crossover model that we already see. The primary changes that we see from the screen views are the lower front fascia will be a bit different and the grills are larger than they were in the past. The silver skid plate design cues are gone and the lower part of the bumper sticks out to create a front spoiler and give you the airflow needed under the vehicle to push the air where you need it.

Other items have been improved in this new performance SUV as well. There are deeper side skirts, wider fender flares, darkened kidney grills, and new M4/M3-style mirrors that give this SUV a completely finished look for the appearance you want when it’s time for the ride. These upgrades in the appearance give this new SUV more function and form and will capture your eye with the subtlety you love while giving you the performance you desire. Hopefully, the actual production version of this SUV will have all of these items included to be the right one for you to drive.

Get Ready for the BMW X3 M

We do know the new X3 M for the 2020 model year has been testing in near-production form for several months. With this in mind, the expectation is that we will see it revealed at one of the car shows around the world later this year. The rumor mill informs us there will be both normal and Competition models of this SUV and the horsepower should range between 450 and 475 to give us an amazing ride and the power we want. Once we get a full look at this SUV, we can learn more about what it has to offer for the driving enjoyment you want to experience.

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