An Alternative to the Denali for the 2020 GMC Sierra HD

An Alternative to the Denali for the 2020 GMC Sierra HD

When the new 2020 GMC Sierra HD was revealed, GMC chose the most impressive and flashiest model to give us a look at what we would see when we want to drive a heavy-duty pickup truck. This model was the GMC Sierra Denali that offered the big crew cab build, the diesel engine, and the new MultiPro tailgate. As reality sets in, we know that not every version of this truck would come in this configuration, which means we need to know more about the lower trims that are also offered to give us the drive we desire.

The GMC Sierra HD SLT

The SLT trim of this new 2020 GMC Sierra HD is equipped to give us the power we want with a gasoline-powered V8 engine and without the MultiPro tailgate that we’ve come to admire in the model that GMC showed off in the Denali trim. The SLT model brings you a similar style to the Denali model to give you the strong look you want in the build that makes a lot of sense for our driving needs. This trim is shorter in length with the extended cab model instead of the full crew cab build.

This shorter length is the only real difference in size than the larger and top trim model of the Denali trim. This SLT trim that uses the gasoline engine still has the big hood scoop that’s used to push air into the engine bay for the diesel model. This is a change from the GM trucks we see today in which only the diesel models receive a hood scoop to bring more air in the engine area. We’re not sure if the Silverado HD will have the same hood scoop in all trims or if there will be a differentiation in the Chevy truck.

The Pair of Engines We’ll Have in this GMC Sierra HD

When the new 2020 GMC Sierra HD arrives on the market for us to have the drive we want and the power that we’re looking for, there will be two engines offered. One will be a 6.2-liter V8 that uses gasoline while the other is the impressive 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel V8 that makes 445 horsepower and 910 lb.-ft. of torque. This diesel engine is the same one we see being used in this truck already, making it a familiar choice for the drive you want to enjoy.

More Similarities Across the Trims from GMC

Some of the equipment you’ll have when it’s time to drive this truck includes the bedside steps, the option of the MultiPro tailgate, and several other items. The SLT trim has a great look, a strong build, and might be the truck that has the power you’re looking for when you want to get a lot of work done but aren’t ready to move to the Denali trim. Look for the new 2020 GMC Sierra HD models and get ready to have the right truck for the big jobs and the big fun you want to experience.

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