Tesla is Ready to take the Model 3 to Europe

Tesla is Ready to take the Model 3 to Europe

Even though all the preorders haven’t been filled with the Model 3 in the US, the Tesla team has announced they are ready to take this model to Europe and offer it for sale. This is the beginning of putting more pressure on the luxury brands in Europe that offer us a variety of vehicles that we can admire and enjoy when it’stime for a great drive. The Model 3 will find its way to Germany to start with, which may seem like adding a bit of insult to the move since that’s where the most popular luxury brands come from.

The Version of the Model 3 in Europe

The version that will make its way to Europe first to be sold will be the Performance version. This vehicle is the one that adds a second electric motor to the mix and it will be an expensive model that should be a popular choice in the market. The first deliveries of this new car will go to Switzerland and then to Norway to give customers what they are looking for. The customers that have a reservation already will receive their models first.

Driving on the Other Side

There are still several countries that require drivers to sit on the right side of the vehicle. These models of the Model 3, that will begin being offered in the UK, will start to be delivered in the spring of 2019. From there, we can see this car making its way to other markets to begin to fill some of the preorders that are in place in order to give customers the new car they want to drive and experience on the road from Tesla.

The Model S May Suffer

In the European market, the Model 3 will be offered as one of only a few sedans that rides on an EV platform with a luxury badge. There’s a good chance that the Model 3 sales we see will come at the detriment of the Model S, which will likely experience much lower sales in Europe. Right now, the Model S is outselling several of the top luxury models in the European market from the brands of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. Now there’s going to be a model on the market that will be able to capture some of the sales at the lower end of the market. The Tesla Model 3 may have taken a while to make its way to the market, but now it’s here and it is heading to Europe to make its global move toward being the luxury car with the affordable price for all to enjoy the quality.

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