Make the Ram Rebel the Off-Road Truck You Choose

Make the Ram Rebel the Off-Road Truck You Choose

The Ram Rebel can be the right choice for you. This certainly isn’t your average off-road truck and it’s made to take you out on the trails.

There’s a whole world of trails that are waiting for you to explore. Some of these trails have been tamed down to be passable by even the mildest of vehicles, but others are more daunting and troublesome. For the most difficult trails that you’ll face when you head off-road, you need a vehicle that can get the job done. 

Take a look at what the Ram Rebel Offers

An Unmistakable Choice

With other off-road and specialized vehicles, you see a small badge here or there and you aren’t sure of the trim package until you’re next to the vehicle. The Rebel sticks out with its own distinct trim features and grill that aren’t offered on any other model. When you drive the Ram Rebel, everyone will know what you’ve got and what you can do with it.

Riding High

In order to handle the challenges of the trails, you need to have a vehicle that can clear obstacles more easily. The Rebel rides on 33-inch tires and has a one-inch suspension lift that is both included right from the factory. This means you’re going to be riding much higher when you choose the Rebel and head out on the trails for some fun.

The Protection You Need

The trails can be a dangerous place for your truck, especially the underside of the truck. The Ram Rebel is equipped with a full set of skid plates to help you avoid any trail damage being done to the items that run across the underside of the vehicle. This means you can drive with confidence over nearly all the obstacles you’ll find in your way.

The Traction to Go

There are several ways to engage the traction offered in the Ram Rebel and make sure you can go where you want, regardless of the terrain that you find in your path. The rear locking differential is engaged at the push of a button to make sure you can roll through the mud and the muck that you’ll see on the trails that you want to drive.

The Right Truck for a Rescue

When you take the Ram Rebel out into the wilderness, if you have a friend that gets stuck in their vehicle, you can feel confident that the Rebel will be able to pull them out. This truck has beefy tow hooks that are standard on the truck to make sure you can pull your friend out of the trouble you’ve gotten yourself into.

Choose Your Engine

The Rebel is a specialized off-road truck that does offer you three different engine options for you to have the power package you need for your trail riding fun. You can choose a strong 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine with the benefits of additional torque from the eTorque system that will help you get where you need to go. Choose the right engine for your Rebel.

Control when Going Down

Many off-road vehicles are advertised to handle going up hills and through the tough terrain, but going down hills can be the most difficult for any vehicle. The Ram Rebel gives you the added control you want with the benefits of Hill Descent Control that makes it easier for you to head down the hill with ease and know you’re going to stay in control of this impressive truck.

An Upgrade is on the Way

Ram is nearly ready to give us the Rebel TRX which could have an engine under the hood that we’ve heard about in other vehicles from FCA. This new Rebel will put this truck in the power territory that the Ford Raptor claims right now. This means you could have an extremely powerful pickup truck that’s also extremely capable on the trails that you love to explore.

Visit your nearby Ram dealership and let them help you see what the Ram Rebel can do today. You’re going to love the drive and enjoy the experience when you take this truck for a test drive.

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