Nissan Pathfinder – The Old Name with Modern Tech from Nissan

Nissan Pathfinder - The Old Name with Modern Tech from Nissan

You can trace the Nissan Pathfinder back for several years and a few generations and it continues to be one of the most impressive SUVs.

This SUV has been bigger in the past but it has never had the same level of excellence that you’re going to find when you see the 2019 model and let it become the one you want to drive. The Pathfinder is updated with a strong powertrain that uses a V6 engine, several excellent safety features to keep you out of trouble on the road, and the comfort that you need for your family to ride along.

Let the Pathfinder Lead the Way

When you choose the Nissan Pathfinder as the SUV you want to drive, you’re going to have an award-winning V6 engine under the hood and an excellent SUV for your driving experience. This is a three-row crossover SUV that has room for seven people to enjoy the drive together and it brings you the feature and amenities you want to make use of every day. You’re going to be pleased with what you find in the Pathfinder that can take your family where you need to go and carry the cargo you’re going make use of at your destination.

A Variety of Tech Items Are Added

The new 2019 Nissan Pathfinder moves into the modern year with the technology you’re looking for. This SUV brings you rear parking sensors in every trim, a pair of new Type-C USB ports to go with the four regular Type-A ports, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alerts are now standard on the SV models as well. The top two trims bring you LED headlights and you can now enjoy the look of the Mocha Almond Pearl color as one of the exterior paint choices you’ll have to choose from.

Added Safety Items for the Drive You’re Looking for

If the rear door of the Pathfinder has been opened at the beginning of the drive but not when you stopped, an alert will sound to let you know there might be people, pets, or items in the backseat that you need to retrieve. Automatic emergency braking is also added to the Pathfinder to make sure you can apply the brakes before a collision. If you don’t apply the brakes, the Pathfinder will do this for you and help you stay safe when you’re on the road.

Enjoy the Drive in the Pathfinder Today

The size, capability, and quality of the 2019 Nissan Pathfinder make it easy for you to have the right SUV to drive and enjoy every day. Visit your nearby Nissan dealership and open the doors, get inside, and enjoy a test drive that will allow you to test all the features offered in this SUV. The Nissan Pathfinder continues to be one of the most impressive and intriguing three-row SUVs for you to drive and you can take one home to be yours today.

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