Buying a Used Car From Rental Companies V. Dealerships

Buying a Used Car From Rental Companies V. Dealerships

Buying a used car is a smart financial decision because it will save you money and leave you leftover funds you can save for a rainy day.

Where you buy your pre-owned vehicle is just as important because there are many options out there from dealerships to rental companies. Let’s break down the main differences, so you can make the best buying decision.

Variety of Used Car Options

If you’re just starting your new-to-you car search, you may or may not have an idea of the car you want. In that case, you’ll want as much variety as possible. Rental car companies have a good selection of different makes and models, but dealerships typically have a larger lot of vehicles to choose from, which will help you in your car search.

If you already have your next vehicle in mind, then you can do a simple preliminary online search to see which dealerships or rental companies have what you’re looking for in stock. It’s important to keep your options open even if you know you want, say, a used Toyota Camry.

Condition of Vehicles

When you’re buying a pre-owned car, you want to be assured that it’s in good, clean condition and doesn’t have an outrageous amount of miles on it. Rental companies keep their vehicles clean for each renter, but their vehicles tend to have higher mileage and may be prone to more wear and tear because they keep renting the same cars to different drivers who treat the rental car as you would expect.

When you buy a pre-owned car from a dealership, you have a better chance of finding one with lower mileage that was also maintained well by its previous owner. Both companies will clean their cars before selling them, so you can expect that nice, new car smell no matter where you buy your vehicle from.

Things to Consider After Buying

After you buy your pre-owned car either from a rental company or a dealership, you can’t forget about maintaining the vehicle for the duration of its life or for however long you plan on driving it. Dealerships make it easy for you to buy and service your car in one location.

Another thing to remember is, beyond the initial buying period, you’ll need to keep up with other maintenance issues that may arise from buying a pre-owned vehicle. Rental cars go all over, so there’s a chance that you may encounter more maintenance issues versus used cars bought from a dealership, where you have a better idea of the owner’s history.

Go With Dealerships For Your Used Car

There are pros and cons to buying a pre-owned car from a rental company versus a dealership, but if you’re looking for variety and quality, you’ll be more confident buying from a dealership. Figure out what vehicle you want, start your search and weigh your options. Keep in mind that vehicle history can be all over the place with a rental car, versus a model from a dealer that has a better chance of only having had one previous owner.

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