The Buick Regal Sportback Brings You Driving Excellence

The Buick Regal Sportback Brings You Driving Excellence

One of the most surprising cars in the market that can easily please you and give you the drive you’re looking for is the Buick Regal Sportback.

This car isn’t a traditional sedan, nor is it a wagon that can offer you a large cargo area. Instead, the Regal Sportback is a car that brings you premium features and quality items that can make the drive right and give you the feeling you want to enjoy on the road. Get behind the wheel and let this car become the one that you want to drive every day.

Find Items You Want in the Buick Regal Sportback

When you see the Buick Regal Sportback, you’ll have a car that brings you excellent cargo capacity and a liftback design that’s right for you. You’ll have a car that’s less expensive than its rival models which are mostly luxury cars.

You can also enjoy the benefits of optional AWD and choose a sporty V6-powered GS model that can allow you to have the drive you want. There might not be any more of these cars after the 2020 model year, but you can still enjoy this high-quality model today.

Standard Items from Buick

Choose the Buick Regal Sportback and you’ll have five major trims to choose from. These trims are base, Preferred, Essence, Avenir, and GS.

The base model gives you dual-zone climate controls, an OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, a seven-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Move to the Preferred model and you’ll have the benefits of an eight-way power driver’s seat, a leather steering wheel, and an auto-dimming rearview mirror.

You’ll love the comfort and quality of the items that will make a difference for you when its time for the drive you want to enjoy.

Add More and Enjoy the Buick Regal Sportback

If you want to have AWD as part of the package for the Buick Regal Sportback, you’ll want to choose either the Essence or GS trims. The Essence is an impressive choice with leather upholstery, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, remote engine starting, a power passenger seat, an eight-inch infotainment screen, tri-folding rear seats, and more advanced safety features than the lower trims.

The Avenir trim is one that brings you the plush interior that makes it feel like a luxury car when you take a drive while the GS model gives you more power and sportiness during your drive.

Find the Buick You Want to Drive

You want to drive a premium sedan, but you want to have more room for cargo and adventure gear. This means the Buick Regal Sportback can be the perfect choice when its time for you to have the drive that you want to enjoy on the road.

See the team at your local Buick dealership and let them assist you in finding the right version of this car to be the one that you want to enjoy on the roads every day.

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