A Concert You Want to Take Your Jeep To

A Concert You Want to Take Your Jeep To

Jeep is a proud sponsor of the Jeeps on the Rocks concert as part of the Jeep Summer Concert Series at Red Rocks Park in Morrison, CO.

This has become an annual concert series and one that many big names play and many choose to attend. With Jeep as the feature sponsor, there’s always a ton of Jeep exhibits for concert attendees to participate in and enjoy before and around the concert, they came to see. This year, the headliner of this concert in Colorado will be Fits and the Tantrums.

Not only will this incredible group be the headlining act at the concert, but there will be a special guest which will be announced later. In addition to these two acts, one of which remains a mystery, Moon Taxi will open the show and give you a performance that you’re sure to enjoy and remember. If you’re thinking about buying a new Jeep vehicle, now is the time to do so, especially if you plan to attend the concert. This is an event that offers special parking for Jeep vehicles, which gives you a special benefit to the purchase of one of these vehicles.

The Jeep Brand is Where it’s At

Jeep has been a brand that has grown from being a simple military vehicle to a brand full of models that allow you to feel as if you can get out and drive to wherever you want to go. Whether you want to choose the small and active Renegade or head up the line to choose the Grand Cherokee at the top, Jeep offers you a variety of excellent models to choose from in order to have a model that can take you to the wilderness and offer an amazing ride.

Not only will you find active performance and fun on the trails when you choose a Jeep brand vehicle to drive, but you’re also going to have the benefit of a vehicle that can fit your family extremely well. Whether you’re a person who loves to surf, go on outdoor adventures, or you love to head out for a ride through the trees, the Jeep brand is where you’re going to find what you want to enjoy when it’s time to get off the paved roads and find the fun and adventure you seek.

Make this Concert Part of the Adventure

Make it an exciting adventure for you and head out to the Jeep on the Rocks concert in the new Jeep you chose to purchase for the fun and active drive you’re sure to love on a regular basis. This could be the autumn destination for your travels and with the benefit of special parking, because you drive a Jeep, it could be a lot of fun for you. If you’re a fan of Moon Taxi or Fitz and the Tantrums, it’s time to plan your ride out to Morrison, CO today.

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