Genesis is Growing and a Sports Car is Coming

Genesis is Growing and a Sports Car is Coming

The Genesis brand is still young and new to the market and until the new models arrive, there are only three cars we see bearing the name.

Even though this is a fairly new brand to the market, the Genesis name is one that we’ve known for a while. The brand does need to grow and do so quickly, and it has plans to bring us the new G70 to fit in as the compact luxury sedan we’ll love along with the upcoming GV70 and GV90 that will be crossovers that will arrive later.

Giving Us the Excitement We Want

Sedans, coupes, and crossovers are all fine and dandy, but what we really want to see is a stunning sports car that can capture our attention, tickle our imagination, and leave us wanting more. The 2018 New York International Auto Show gave us a look at the Genesis Essentia Concept that showed what this new brand is capable of. This is the car we really want to have on the market so that we can have a great drive.

What is the Genesis Essentia

This new sports car, that crossed the stage in New York, is a low-slung electric coupe with butterfly doors, a glass canopy roof, and a contemporary cabin. This is a car that Genesis is proud of and will find a way to put into production. Right now, we don’t expect to see this car on the market until at least 2021 or 2022, but it’s a car that will be built and be one of the most exciting models we’ve seen from the three main Korean brands that we enjoy in the market.

Not Cheap, but Certainly Transitional

So far, Genesis doesn’t’ have an EV in production at all and the Essentia could easily be the first one to fill this gap. This is a car that is expected to be built in small numbers to be a limited edition that can be enjoyed by those looking for an impressive level of fun in a new car. If the powertrain in the concept model is used in production, this car has the ability to accelerate to sixty mph in only three seconds to make sure you can experience a lot of power right away.

Some Items Will be Left Out of the Genesis Essentia

We never expect all of a concept model to reach production, and that’s going to be the case with the Essentia. We don’t expect to see the butterfly doors, or the web-design interior, or even the glass hood, but there may be some surprises offered by Genesis. As the portfolio grows for Genesis, we can see how the Essentia can be the model that captures our attention and gives us something pleasant to look forward to from this new and impressive luxury brand. Genesis has the right idea and will grow to be a brand we enjoy even more than we do now.

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