Honda Quality and Affordability in the Civic

Honda Civic

Why are you familiar with the Honda Civic? Likely, the reason for this is the fact that the Civic has been a staple of the automotive world for several decades.
When you’re looking for a small car that can get you where you need to go, a used Honda Civic can be a great choice. This is a car that comes to you in a variety of ways to give you a look and drive that you can easily admire and afford, regardless of how tight your budget might be.

A Basic Package from Honda

When you want the most affordable version of the used Honda Civic that you can find for the drive you want to enjoy, you’ll be looking at the LX trim. This trim has been offered in sedan and coupe forms to give you the number of doors you want and the shape that you can enjoy. Some models might be offered that are hatchback versions to give you a roomy cargo area to use. If you choose this trim, you’ll pay the least but receive plenty of what you want when its time to take a drive.

Going Sporty in the Civic

Some of the used Honda Civic models you’ll see could be the versions that are made to be sporty and fun for you to have the quality and aggressive ride you want to enjoy. The Si model gives you the coupe that you want and the Type R is a Civic that has the most power and the stuff you want when you’re ready to head to the track. Enjoy the way either of these two cars drive and figure out which one has the package of features you want when you’re ready to get out on the road.

The Sport Trim Does This Honda Different

While the Si and Type R models are the most dynamic and engaging, you can have some sporty features and driving dynamics without a higher level of power if you find a used Honda Civic that has the Sport name on the back. This trim is made to give you a manual transmission that can be fun for you and a few sporty touches to make sure you can have a car that’s fun to drive while being efficient and easy for you to enjoy when you need to use the Civic for your commute.

Smoother Features Offered in the Civic

When you want a basic form of the used Honda Civic but you want more features without going to a sporty model, you’ll be pleased to see the EX and EX-L trims. Look for one of these models and see the upgraded items that are offered to give you more comfort and quality on the road. The EX-L trim allows you to enjoy the benefits of leather upholstery to give you the added comfort you want when you get ready to take a drive. See what these models have to offer you today.

Efficiency You Need from Honda

Across the trims of the used Honda Civic models that you’ll find, you will see powertrains that give you the efficiency you need to enjoy when its time for a drive. Base models can give you up to 40 mpg on the highway while the versions that have a bit more power can still reach as much as 37 mpg when you head out on the open road. Even the Type R models can meet you at 28 mpg to give you a relatively efficient car to drive with the sporty features you’ll love.

Driving Right is Easy with the Civic

Its time for you to find the used Honda Civic that will offer you the drive and the qualities you want to experience when you head out on the road. This is a car that you’ve known and admired for a long time. Visit your local Honda car dealership and see the different used Honda Civic models offered that can become the right vehicle for you to take for a drive. Once you find the trim that you want with the features that make sense for you, you’ll be glad to have the affordable price that gives you the value you’ve been after.

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