FCA is Heading to Detroit with a Jeep Line

FCA is Heading to Detroit with a Jeep Line

When you think of the epicenter of the automotive world in the US, Detroit certainly comes to mind, and it’s where FCA will be.

Labeled the Motor City or Motown, this city has been home to the Big Three automakers since they began building vehicles. This is where Henry Ford started the assembly line and where both Ford and GM have called home for several decades. Surprisingly, Detroit hasn’t been the center of growth for the past few decades, but that’s about to change with a new plant that will open in the area by a company that hasn’t been present for a while.

FCA Returns to Detroit

While the FCA team, which offers us the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo brands to name a few, has had operations in several Michigan plants for a long time, the company hasn’t had a direct Detroit operation for a while. Now, this team has announced that a new plant will open in Detroit in the near future and it will be the base of operations for an assembly line that will give us a familiar vehicle that will continue to be the right choice for the drive we want to enjoy on the road.

The New Plant for the Jeep we Love

The Mack Avenue Engine II plant has been idle since 2012 and FCA will revamp this plant to be an assembly line for the new two and three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee models. This plant is expected to reopen in the spring of 2021 and these new models will be right for the drive on the roads and out on the trails when they come off the line. This expansion for the Jeep brand will allow the brand to grow and offer more of what we love to drive.

Adding More Jobs for the Area

This new plant opening, even though it’s in a location that’s been idle for several years, will mark the first new assembly plant to open in Detroit in 27 years. You might have thought that other plants would have been revitalized during this time, but Detroit has had a rough time financially for the past few decades, which has caused automakers to look to other areas for the assembly and operations they want to experience. Adding this new assembly line could be a positive move for FCA and for the city of Detroit.

More Jobs for the Detroit Area

The opening of this new assembly line will add at least 100 jobs and that number could expand to 400 jobs for the city. This is good news for the area, especially with the announcement from GM that they plan to close the Detroit-Hamtramck plant in the near future. This new plant might be able to make it possible for some who will lose their jobs at GM to have a new job building the new Jeep Grand Cherokee models in this new location. It’s certainly an exciting time for FCA and this expansion is a welcome addition to Detroit.

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