A Luxury Battle Between the BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

A Luxury Battle Between the BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Should you choose the BMW M3 or the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to be the sporty sedan that has the luxury name you know and love?

This is a serious question when you want to enjoy one of the performance machines offered by either of these two impressive German luxury brands.  The BMW and Mercedes-Benz brands have been battling on the road and track since the early 1980s when these two models came in at the E30 and the 190E.

Setting the Table

BMW has set the standard for a practical hot sedan with the M3. This sedan dates back to 1986 to give you a car that was donned as the Ultimate Driving Machine. Mercedes-Benz took its shot at this title with the C-Class that offered the AMG tuning in 2008. During the past several years, the Mercedes-Benz model has been nipping at the heels of the BMW, but the M3 still reigns supreme.

Fifteen Reasons You’ll Choose the M3 Over the C63 AMG


The Mercedes-Benz model shows up with more horsepower and more confidence than the BMW M3, but that added power requires more weight to go along with it. This means the M3 is still quicker to sixty mph, offering you the acceleration you desire. The BMW is also faster in a sprint to the end of a quarter-mile run.


The rear quarter panel you see in the BMW M3 is only found in this car. This singular model for a particular area of the car shows the commitment that BMW has for this car to be the one that we love to see and drive. The M3 is special in more ways than just styling, making it a unique model while the C63 AMG looks like a C-Class and doesn’t differentiate itself much at all.


You’ve always found an incredible braking system for the BMW M3 and that continues to be the case whit this car. The 15-inch carbon-ceramic brakes give you the stopping power you’re looking for during your drive. The M3 has larger rotors than the AMG model, meaning the brakes won’t fade as quickly as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG will. Stop the way you want to with the BMWM3 that you’ll love to drive.

Interior Style

The cabin area of the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is surprisingly filled with plastics that make it feel cheap. The BMW M3 will tickle your imagination and offer you the look you want with a set of unique red seats that will give you the feeling and the style you want to enjoy when you’re ready to get out and take this car for a drive. Look at the differences and know the M3 is the right car for you.


There’s no comparison in this category. The M3 comes in at nearly 400 pounds lighter than the C63 AMG. The result of the lighter weight means the BMW is more agile, quicker, stops faster, and can carve
up the roads better than the Mercedes-Benz model. You’ll be amazed by how much fun you can have when you let the M3 be the car you take out for a spin.


You’re likely going to drive the BMW M3 every day and because of this, BMW has included an impressive infotainment system to make sure you have the package of items you want and the connection that makes sense for you. The Mercedes-Benz infotainment system feels clunky and difficult while the BMW model is intuitive, simple, and straightforward. You’ll love the connection and have the experience you want in the M3 during your daily drive.


Even though these two cars are filled with performance items, they are both sedans. This means they need to be capable of carrying you around on the road with your friends or family in tow. The rear seats are excellent in the BMW M3 and will give you room for your passengers. People in this area will be more comfortable when riding in the BMW than in the Mercedes-Benz model, especially if you have to drive a long distance.

Steering Feedback

When it’s time to perform, the feeling you get from the steering system makes a huge difference in how you drive. The M3 does a great job of communicating the suspension and handling of the car to make sure you can steer right and go where you want. The Mercedes-Benz model is pretty good but doesn’t come close to being in the same class as the BMW on the track.


If you want to road your tires in an uncontrollable fashion, choose the C63 AMG model. Otherwise, the BMW M3 is made to give you the handling you’re looking for and keep you under control. You’ll love the way you can toss this car around and never have it end up out of control. This car is excellent and performs perfectly for you when you take it for a ride on a canyon run or around a track.

Tuning and Maintenance

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is one of the most costly cars to maintain or tun to the performance you want. While the AMG engines are certainly reliable, you’ll spend a lot to get what you want out of this car. The BMW M3 is much more affordable to maintain and tun to what you want. The parts and tools you need to improve the performance of this car won’t break your bank.


Until it’s dethroned, the BMW M3 is the Ultimate Driving Machine. There hasn’t been a true challenger for this title yet and it doesn’t appear there will be one anytime soon. We’re coming up on 3 ½ decades of this car being the one that gives us the drive and the fun that we want to experience every day. The M3 takes you where you want to go and performs perfectly for you.


Both the M3 and the C63 AMG offer reliable engines that won’t let you down. You can drive these cars hard and know that the engine will continue to perform. The difference in reliability comes in the suspension components. The BMW suspension is made to last while the AMG models tend to have issues when it comes to the suspension. Choose the M3 and drive without worrying about what the car will do.

Track Times

The heavier weight, lack of agility, and inferior handling make it hard to choose the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The BMW M3 is simply going to outperform the AMG when it comes to the fun at the track. Choose any track you want and the M3 will give you the best times and carve up the corners to make sure you can easily show off the performance you love in the BMW model.

Ride Comfort

This is one area where you would expect the C63 AMG to outperform the M3, but the results are mixed. Some like the feeling of the Mercedes-Benz model while others prefer the BMW. You may have to test drive both to see if the ride comfort difference is something that will make your decision for you. With the BMW outperforming the Mercedes-Benz model in so many other categories, this could be an easy choice for you.


The cherry on top of the sundae is the value you find in the BMW M3 versus the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The starting price is much higher for the C63 AMG and as they depreciate, these two cars are nearly identical in value. This means the BMW holds its value better than the Mercedes-Benz. This should be the final item you need to consider and know the right choice is to drive a BMW M3.

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