Pack the Family in the Chevrolet Traverse

Pack the Family in the Chevrolet Traverse

Get in and see what you’ll find in the Chevrolet Traverse that will become the SUV that you take home and enjoy whenever you head out.

Do you want to enjoy the drive in a comfortable, attractive, and capable crossover that can fit your entire family? If so, the Chevrolet Traverse can be the car that has what you want when you take a drive. This SUV can seat up to eight passengers, it has the cargo room you want, and it brings you the features you’re looking for. Find out why it’s one of the most popular Chevrolet SUVs on the market.

What Does the Traverse Offer?

When you see the Chevrolet Traverse, you’re going to find a vehicle that brings you a lot of qualities for the drive you want to enjoy. This SUV offers you terrific styling, amazing interior design, impressive driving dynamics, and comfortable seating across three rows. This SUV brings you massive amounts of cargo space and an infotainment system that has the items you want when you’re ready to connect during your drive. Let this SUV take you where you want to go and become the model that has the items you want to enjoy every day.

Features from Chevrolet You’re Sure to Love

There are several great items offered in the Chevrolet Traverse that will make it the SUV that gives you the feeling you’re looking for when you head out on the road. Here are a few of those features:

Huge Interior

The passenger volume of the Chevrolet Traverse measures 157.3 cubic feet which are more than some of the full-size SUVs in the market. This means you can fold down the seats and have a large place to bring items with you that you’ll need for a project or to get things done. Open the doors and admire the spacious area that the Traverse brings for your drive.

Smart Slide Second-Row Seat

It’s important for the SUV you drive to give you easy access to the rear seat when you want to take your family with you. The Chevrolet Traverse has a second-row bench seat that slides to make it easy for you to get to the third row. This seat can slide even when you have a car seat latched into it, making it easy for you to take your small children with you.

Teen Driver

As your family grows, the number of drivers will also grow. You want to make sure your teenagers are safe and learn to drive with good habits and the Teen Driver feature in the Chevrolet Traverse can help you. This feature allows you to set limits and controls while also receiving reports from the time when your teens are driving the vehicle.

Rear-Seat Reminder

This feature is offered to help you know when the rear doors have been opened prior to beginning your drive. The alert will take place when you stop to let you know there could be a person, pet, or packages in the rear of the vehicle. This is a useful feature for the Chevrolet Traverse to help you avoid leaving anyone or anything behind even when you’re distracted and have your mind elsewhere.

Rear-Camera Mirror

There are times when you might fill the rear area of the Chevrolet Traverse with so much stuff that you block the view out the rear of the vehicle. This feature gives you the feed from the rear camera in the mirror so that you can see what’s going on behind you even when the view through the rear window has been obstructed by the items that you loaded into the vehicle.

Hidden Storage

You can take the Chevrolet Traverse to the trailhead and know that you have a place to put your wallet or other valuables. There’s a hidden storage area behind the infotainment screen which will open with the use of a PIN code that makes it easy for you to have a secure spot. There’s also hidden storage in the rear area under the floor to give you more room for your stuff.

Capless Fuel Fill

Every model of the Chevrolet Traverse now comes with a capless fuel tank to give you an easy way to fill your gas tank without needing to unscrew a gas cap. You won’t forget the cap because you don’t have one, which makes it much easier for you to enjoy the Traverse.

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