Exploring the Hyundai N Line

Exploring the Hyundai N Line

Hyundai has developed its thrilling N Line of vehicles, offering an all-new take on the Hyundai cars and SUVs you’ve come to know and love.

Because Few Things Matter Like Performance

The thrill of the drive is something that should never, ever be overlooked. Whether it’s rocketing off the line or sending your car deeper into the corner than ever before, driving with the confidence that comes with knowing that your car will stick, there’s nothing quite like driving a car that can be pushed to its absolute limit while offering just a bit more.

It’s one of the reasons Hyundai has developed its thrilling N Line of vehicles, offering an all-new take on the Hyundai cars and SUVs you’ve come to know and love. With styling and performance that is race-inspired, while always being comfortable and inviting, the N Line Hyundais offer a driving experience that exists at the intersection of thrill and comfort, of high performance and high style, of downright fun and unrivaled driveability. So climb in. Let’s check out what kind of rides you can score in an N Line package.


Hyundai’s much-beloved SUV gets the N Line treatment courtesy of road-hugging 19-inch wheels, aggressive triple-black grille, custom N Line accents on both the exterior and interior, alloy pedals, and scuff plates, a super high-minded blend of high-quality cloth and supple leather, and a 10.25-inch digital gauge cluster. This model takes this ultimate family vehicle and puts just enough edge on it to make it perhaps the coolest daily driving SUV ever.


A touch smaller than the Tucson is the Kona. And the Kona N Line offers nearly everything the Hyundai Tucson does in a bit more compact of a package. Those 18-inch alloy wheels are motivated by a plenty powerful turbocharged four, while the interior and exterior feature all of the track-inspired flair and flourish that’ll make their heads turn. And with body-hugging N Line sport seats, you’ll stay exactly where you should as you take those corners with aplomb.


The Elantra N Line takes one of America’s longest-running family sedans and flips the script, creating a four-door street machine that puts out over 200-horsepower through its chrome-tipped dual exhaust, all while sitting high on performance-wrapped 18-inch wheels. Needless to say, this isn’t your dad’s Elantra.


Like the Elantra, the Sonata has been around for years. But unlike the Sonata of old, the Sonata N Line is the most powerful ever, offering 290-horsepower while making an asphalt-twisting 311 pound-feet of torque through its eight-speed Wet Dual Clutch transmission. Send all that power to its four 19-inch performance wheels while wrapping it all in a track racer-inspired package that is replete with reimagined front and rear ends and quad-formatted, chrome-tipped dual exhaust, and you’ve got yourself an undeniable street machine.

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