The Aston Martin DBX is More than Just a Pretty Face

The Aston Martin DBX is More than Just a Pretty Face

One of the most attractive high-end luxury SUVs you’ll see is the Aston Martin DBX which brings you all of the Aston qualities you love.

This glorious vehicle rides high and expresses itself with individuality in a lineup of vehicles that are made mostly of amazing sports cars. You’ll be glad to have the SUV build for this vehicle when you want to carry some cargo and enjoy the fact that you can tow a trailer if you need to. Most of the time, you’ll simply love showing off your high-class British SUV when you’re out on the roads.

Some New Stuff for a New Model Year

The DBX hasn’t been around long, but Aston Martin is making some upgrades to make sure you can have the items you’re looking for. This SUV can now be had with 23-inch wheels, wireless charging, optional Sports Plus seats, and four interior trim choices. These interior areas are called Accelerate, Create, Impulse, and Inspire, giving you a few different ways you can have the look you want in this cabin.

As you would expect with this brand, you do have a variety of customization options to make your DBX look and feel the way you want. This is done by using the Q customization service.

Experience the Glorious Interior

You’ll see that the Aston Martin DBX shares a lot of the materials and items that come from the rest of the family of vehicles from this brand. You’ll fall in love with the stitching of the upholstery, the soft leather, impressive soft-touch surfaces, and the microsuede headliner. This is an SUV that comes with style, elegance, sophistication, and a spacious feeling.

The rear cargo area measures 22 cubic feet, and it can be expanded to 54 cubic feet when you fold the rear seats down.

While inside the cabin, you’ll notice the standard 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster, customizable lighting options, tri-zone climate controls, and heated seats. The heated seats aren’t limited to the front row; both rows offer this feature, making it easy for your passengers to be just as comfortable as you are during your drive.

An Interesting Connectivity Experience

You’ll find a large 10.2-inch screen for your infotainment needs in the DBX. This SUV doesn’t respond to touch inputs; you control this system with the buttons on your steering wheel and a rotary knob on the center console. You can connect using Apple CarPlay, but Android Auto is not part of the mix. You’ll also find a built-in navigation system, a 14-speaker audio system, several USB ports, and a few 12-volt charging outlets.

Some Useful Safety Features for Your Drive

The Aston Martin DBX gives you a few items that make it possible for you to have the safety you want and need when you’re out on the road. This SUV gives you standard front and rear parking sensors, a 360-degree camera system, and automatic high beams. You won’t find much else when it comes to safety, but these items should be enough to keep you out of some sticky situations during your drive.

Excellent Power for Your Drive

The power you find in the DBX comes from an engine that’s been supplied to Aston Martin by Mercedes-AMG. This engine is a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 model that makes 542 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission that does the shifting extremely well, making it easy for you to have the drive you’re looking for.

This is an SUV that feels great when you’re out for a drive, and it makes you want to hit the accelerator hard when you see an area of road that’s open for your drive.

Items to Improve Your Drive

The driving dynamics of the Aston MartinDBX give you an amazing drive on the road. This SUV is mostly an RWD model, but a center transfer case can send power to the front axle when the system detects slippage during your drive. You’ll also have the benefits of a limited-slip rear differential for off-road driving.

When properly equipped, you can tow up to 5,940 pounds behind the DBX, which is enough for a small boat or trailer filled with gear for a memorable experience. A smooth ride is found in this SUV thanks to the adaptive dampers and height-adjustable air springs that are part of the standard package offered.

Impressive Speed from this SUV

The driving items offered in this Aston Martin can make it possible for you to carve up the corners and handle the roads in a way that would make 007 happy to see you behind the wheel of an Aston SUV. When you are ready to accelerate from a stop, the DBX can make it to sixty mph in 3.9 seconds, which is a respectable number for an SUV.

Not the Most Efficient Vehicle

The powertrain used doesn’t sound like one that’s going to return excellent fuel numbers, and that is certainly the case. The Aston Martin DBX will give you 14 city/18 hwy mpg, which is truly a low result for your drive. Thankfully, if you’re seriously considering this SUV to be the one you want to buy, you’re probably not too concerned by fuel mileage numbers and how much you’ll spend filling the tank.

Smooth Styling that Finished the Deal

The DBX is the only Aston Martin SUV, and it gives you a wonderful translation of what an SUV from this iconic brand should be. The sporty style, amazing lines, and ride height make it possible for you to feel like you’ve got a lifted, raised, elongated sports car that was made to be driven by one of Britain’s greatest spies.

If you’re ready to have an SUV that reaches into the top levels of driving from a brand that you’ve respected and admired for a long time, the Aston Martin DBX can be the SUV that will take you where you want to go. Find a dealer in your area and learn more about what this incredible vehicle has to offer.

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