What are the Best Heavy Duty Trucks for Towing Campers

GMC Sierra HD Towing RV

When you’re ready to head out on the open road with a truck and a camper, you want the right heavy-duty truck for the job. You’ll find several great options to help you take your trailer where you want to go, but the Sierra models found at your local GMC dealership are filled with amazing luxury items that will give you the most comfort and quality.
We’re going to look at six impressive trucks that can help you go where you want and give you the strength needed to pull your trailer along for your adventures.

Nissan Titan XD

The larger size of the Nissan trucks is made to give you the extra power, comfort, and quality that you want when you’re out on the road. You’ll love the robust V8 that brings the incredible power to your drive. There are five different trim levels for you to choose from when you want to pull your trailer to your next destination.


  • Strong V8 engine
  • Good safety scores and plenty of driver-assistance features
  • Smooth ride that makes it right on the open road


  • Only one body style, one bed length, and one engine
  • Interior could use some upgrades

You need a heavy duty truck to take you and your camper where you want to go. The Nissan Titan XD is perfectly capable of being the truck that can give you the drive you need and haul your camper where you want to go.

Ram 2500

Tow up to 20,000 pounds with the Ram 2500 and enjoy the big size and strength of an impressive heavy- duty truck that can take you wherever you want to go. You’ll find seven trim levels, a few different cab configurations, and some of the most advanced features you’re looking for when you want a modern truck that will last a long time.


  • A Heavy truck with a smooth ride
  • Excellent off-road capabilities
  • An interior you’re sure to admire


  • Gas engine is a little weak
  • The Power Wagon isn’t offered with the diesel engine
  • More standard safety in competitors

If you want a truck that looks like a big rig and gives you big power to pull a heavy camper, the Ram 2500 can get the job done. You’ll be pleased with the package of features and quality drive offered in this big and impressive truck.

GMC Sierra 2500HD

Your local GMC dealership has the big, comfortable, and luxurious truck you want to drive. If you’re going to spend your time moving from one campground to another, you’ll want to have the most comfortable ride as you get out on the road and see this amazing country. You’ll find five trim levels in the Sierra 2500HD that can be right for you to have the pulling power and drive you need.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • AWD mode is optional and useful
  • Advanced trailering technology


  • Not the best off-roader of the group
  • The gasoline V8 does not have a ten-speed automatic transmission
  • Small infotainment screen

Head up to the Denali trim of the GMC Sierra 2500HD, and you’ll find a truck that gives you the power and pull that you need when you’re behind the wheel. This is an excellent truck to pull your camper.

Ford Super Duty F-450

The biggest of the heavy duty trucks that you can drive and pull a camper is the F-450 from Ford. This amazing truck can pull up to 37,000 pounds with the use of an incredible diesel engine. If you’ve got a large house on wheels, this could be the right truck for you to drive.


  • Massive payload and hauling capabilities
  • Put it to work when needed, this truck is rugged
  • Tons of safety features
  • Amazing diesel engine


  • Difficult to maneuver
  • The base model doesn’t give you much
  • Limited trim is extremely expensive

If you need the most heavy-duty pickup in the market, this will be the truck you want to drive. You’ll be amazed by the power you find when you take this big Ford out for your next adventure.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

When you want a big truck to drive with tons of capability but you don’t want a prohibitive price, the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD could be the right truck for you. This truck is offered in four trim levels and it’s rated to pull up to 36,000 pounds to give you plenty of power when you’re pulling your camper to the next site.


  • Rugged styling inside and out
  • Excellent towing numbers
  • Powerful engines that are smooth
  • Tons of interior room for you and your passengers


  • Could use more cabin technology
  • Some safety features are optional that should be standard
  • An interior redesign should be forthcoming

When you need to tow a massive camper, you’ll want to have this big Silverado to get the job done. You’ll have the roominess you want during your time on the road and a powertrain that won’t break a sweat getting you to your next destination.

GMC Sierra 3500HD

Get the luxurious comfort you want combined with 36,000 pounds of towing when you choose the GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali. This truck is ready to take you to the scenic views, the great outdoors, and the amazing locations that you can only reach with your camper and your truck. Visit your nearby GMC dealership to find this truck and take it out for a ride.


  • Excellent towing and payload numbers
  • Massive interior area
  • Fantastic trailering apps and technology
  • Attractive body styling


  • Some driver safety tech is optional
  • Massive size

You want capability, comfort, style, and function all in one amazing truck. You need to pull your large camper where you want to go so that you can have the comfort of your lifestyle out on the road. Visit your nearby GMC dealership and take the GMC Sierra 3500HD out for a test drive today.

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