3 Used Ford Models to Avoid, And 3 To Buy Right Now

3 Used Ford Models to Avoid, And 3 To Buy Right Now

Buying a used Ford is usually an activity that will bring you the vehicle you know you can trust and enjoy, but you might not realize there are some models you should not purchase. You know the names of some of the Ford models, and you might consider purchasing one of them, but there are some models you should consider that you might not think about. Of course, you need to avoid a few models as well, ensuring you have a vehicle that will give you the drive you want to enjoy.

Stay Away From these Ford Models

Ford EcoSport

When you’re considering a used Ford, you want to leave the Ford EcoSport behind and let it be for someone else. This small SUV is relatively new to the market, but it has become one of the models that many people have already complained about. There’s a serious lack of room in the rear, vibration from the engine that can be felt in the cabin, and a gearbox that is not smooth at all.

You’ll be shocked by the high fuel consumption in this small SUV and the fact that it doesn’t handle well at all. This SUV takes forever to get to the speed you want when you’re heading out on the highway. If you’re looking for a vehicle that you should leave behind, the EcoSport is one that is a small SUV you’ll want to avoid driving.

2015 Ford Focus

While most versions of the Ford Focus were excellent small cars that people loved to drive, the 2015 model year is one to avoid. The most important problem with this has to do with the transmission that wasn’t right for this car or the drive is offered. Looking in the cabin, this car was made with many misaligned trim pieces and bad molding that make the cabin look even cheaper than it is. This car is often one that will stutter when accelerating and doesn’t respond well to the gas pedal when you want to push it hard.

Unfortunately, the 2015 Ford Focus was a bit of a disaster, and it’s one of the used Ford models you need to avoid when you’re ready to find a used car that you want to drive. This particular model year certainly brought down the reliability scores and reputation of the Focus.

2010 Ford Flex

When you’re driving a large three-row SUV, you don’t want to have surprises during your drive. This version of the Ford Flex faced power steering failures regularly. Sometimes this would happen when the vehicle was started, or it would happen during your drive. While newer models faced similar issues, there was a safety recall for later models that weren’t issued for the 2010 version.

Even if you happen to find this used Ford and don’t have issues with the power steering, another problem is that this vehicle has a reputation of the side airbags failing to deploy. Unfortunately, you’ll only find this to be the case when you’re in a side-impact collision. By this time, it’s too late to worry about the fact that your airbags did or did not deploy. These safety items make it hard to allow this version of the Flex to be one that you want to drive.

Buy These Ford Models Now

2010 Ford Models – Mustang

This model was the first year of a new redesign with a new look and an upgraded interior to give you a sports car that can be a lot of fun for you to drive. This new build resulted in a quitter ride to give you the comfort you want when you’re out on the road. This car was offered with either a V6 or a V8 engine, and you can probably find used versions of each one. Without a doubt, this is one of the best used Ford cars you’re going to find.

When it’s time to have a sports car that can handle the challenges of a road trip, this Mustang is one that gives you ample room for the gear that you need to take on the road. Just imagine touring the country in a gorgeous Mustang.

2010 Ford Fusion

When you want a smooth and impressive drive, but you don’t want to pay luxury prices, a Ford Fusion is the car for you. This midsize sedan has a reputation for quality and comfort to give you the experience you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel. The 2010 version of this car was redesigned inside and out to give you a vehicle that is perfect for your time behind the wheel. There were four different engines offered for this Fusion, which means you can find one that is right for you.

Not only were there four engines, but this car was also offered with AWD, and it has a hybrid model as well. Look around for the right Fusion for your driving pleasure and find the comfort and quality you’ve been looking for. This is a car that is spacious, easy to drive, and right for your time behind the wheel.

2011 Ford Taurus

If you’re ready to go all the way to a full-size car that can give you the driving prowess and comfort you want, the Ford Taurus can certainly be the car for you. The 2011 model represents an affordable full-size sedan that was named the Best Family Sedan for the Money at the time it was offered. This car brings you an attractive cabin, a smooth ride, and the Sync infotainment system. Be part of a tradition that goes back more than thirty years by allowing the 2011 Ford Taurus to be the right car for you.

This used Ford was offered in either FWD or AWD, and it came with a powerful V6 engine that makes it easy for you to have the drive and acceleration you need. You’ll love the luxury feeling of the used Taurus that will be great for you to drive every day.


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