The Toyota Tacozilla is a Throwback with a New Flair

The Toyota Tacozilla is a Throwback with a New Flair

The past is a place we love to look for inspiration that can be part of what we love to see and drive. The Toyota Tacozilla is proof of this.

This truck is part of the 2021 SEMA show, and it’s inspired by the Toyota Chinook mini motorhomes that were part of the past. The team at Toyota used a current model of the Tacoma TRD Sport to bring this truck to life. The Tacoma is an easy truck to modify and the right choice for this SEMA project.

Will Toyota Put this Truck into Production?

The Tacozilla is an incredible concept vehicle and could be the ideal truck for driving in the wilderness when you want to head to a remote destination. That being said, we don’t yet know if this truck will be put into production at all. It’s certainly something we can hope will happen, and after reading this, you might wish for as well, but right now, it’s simply a concept that made its way to SEMA to show us how old and new can be blended to give us an incredible truck for handling the trails.

This Vehicle has the Right Designer

Toyota has been in the motorsports game for more than sixty years, with many wins and entries in nearly every type of racing. The brand is one of the most accomplished in racing and motorsports, which is part of why they turned to Marty Schwerter and his Toyota Motorsports Garage team to build this SEMA entry. Even though this concept vehicle has strong roots in the Chinook SUV, you’ll realize it has a sporty spirit to it, which comes from the Tacoma Sport model that is used as the platform for this interesting vehicle.

This is a Purely Customized Build

The Toyota Tacozilla doesn’t look like a truck fitted with a large box on the back of it; instead, it looks like it should be in production right now. A lot of work was put into the design, which is 100 percent customized, giving this vehicle a finished look and the build that makes sense. You could easily see yourself taking this truck to the wilderness for some fun driving and outdoor adventures. If you were looking for an alternative to an RV or travel trailer, the Tacozilla could be the right vehicle for you to drive.

Make Yourself at Home

Road noises and climate features are ideal in this Toyota, with the inclusion of some amazing insulation that allows this truck to feel like you could make yourself right at home. The fully insulated interior gives you the quiet feeling you want, even when there’s a lot of noise outside.

The Tacozilla comes with a fully functional kitchen with a cooker and sink, a dining table, and a bathroom that gives you a hot-water shower and a toilet so that you don’t have to relieve yourself while exposed to nature in the wilderness.

Important Upgrades to Make it Livable

If you were going to make the Toyota Tacozilla your home on the trails, you’d want to know that you have the right amount of power and a construction that protects you when you’re in the camper area. The fuel tank filler has been rebuilt to ensure this item is away from the camper to avoid gasoline fumes entering the living space. There’s also a second battery that’s been installed to offer added power to make sure you can run your small home area off the battery power needed and never run out of juice.

A Custom Paint Job for the Greatest Respect

There’s no denying the influence of the Chinook in the new Tacozilla that has made its way to SEMA. The team at Complete Customs in Texas handled the paint job to give us a look that we admire and recognize from the original vehicle. The paint brings a white base coat that’s accented in yellow, orange, and bronze to give you the style you admire. It’s easy to see how ready this truck is to head out in the wilderness with a paint job that comes from an SUV that was rugged and strong in its day.

The Right Powertrain for Some Fun

The “go anywhere” promise of Toyota is found in the Tacozilla, which uses the Tacoma TRD Sport powertrain. This powertrain gives you a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine that pumps out 278 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. The transmission is a six-speed manual, which is an excellent setup that allows you to shift and drive the way you want. Many who head out on the trails love to have a manual to get the job done, and this truck brings that to you so that you can enjoy your time on the trails.

A Fresh Set of Wheels and Tires

About two inches of clearance has been added to the standard Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport suspension to fit the new wheels and tires under the Tacozilla. The Tacoma rear fender flare is found in the camper’s wheel openings, where you’ll see an amazing set of wheels and tires for this camper truck. The tires are important for off-roading, and they are a set of 285/70/17 General Tire Grabber X3 all-terrain tires that offer improved traction and amazing performance when it’s time to take this truck out for a drive.

You Won’t Feel Cramped in the Tacozilla

Even though the Toyota Tacozilla is made from a Tacoma TRD Sport, it’s not cramped at all. When you’re exploring on your own, you’ll have ample room to move around and enjoy the creature comforts offered in this camper-truck vehicle. A bed is big enough for you to have a proper sleep, and everything has its designated place where you can store it and keep this impressive vehicle neat and ready for your next destination. You’ll love the way you can get comfortable, enjoy your camping trip, and experience all the modern qualities offered in the Tacozilla.

Only one question remains: will Toyota put the Tacozilla into production?

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