The Ford Super Duty Just Got a Price Increase for 2022

Buying a brand new vehicle today isn’t as easy as it used to be. Thanks to computer chip shortages, supply line delays, and high competition for new automobiles, vehicles like a Ford Super Duty truck are hard to come by. These pickups have always been popular options for drivers who need tons of muscle. Under the current conditions of the market, Ford Super Duty trucks are going to be even a little harder to obtain due to a $1,295 price increase.

Details On The Increase

Reports show that all Ford Super Duty trucks will get a $1,295 price increase to their base MSRP. That means something like the F-450 will cost just shy of $100,000. The decision to raise the price is actually one of the largest series of mid-year price hikes we’ve ever seen. It’s fairly common for brands to raise prices, but this one wasn’t exactly expected.

It may not seem like $1,295 is that much when considering the overall prices of a Ford Super Duty Truck. A base-level F-250 might start at around $35,000, for example. This ends up being around 3.7% increase. A higher-end F-250 (starting at around $85,000) would only see a 1.5% increase. Shoppers who opt for the most expensive models may feel like the price increase is less of a hassle for them, but that’s not always the case.

A more expensive truck will result in higher financing costs. That $80,000 Super Duty will accumulate over $12,700 in interest over a six-year loan at 5% interest. Every fee, price hike, and dealer cost only adds to the amount financed, which means an exponentially higher interest cost.

The good news is that this price increase has not been applied to Ford’s flagship F-150 pickup.

Save On Your Next Ford Super Duty With a Used Option

Some buyers may not notice the change, while the price increase may lock them out of certain models or features. Used Ford Super Duty trucks are still options for drivers looking for a better deal.

Shoppers have plenty of options for fantastic pre-owned options out there. Thanks to Ford’s reliability and dependability ratings, even an older Super Duty should have plenty of life left on it.

In 2012, there were several major recalls on most Super Duty models. The result was a new and improved model for 2013. That means you should be happy with anything from the 2013 model or newer. The only exception is the 2017 model, with a few kinks in the electronic and ABS braking systems. While these issues can be corrected, the money you save from buying used will be moot after repair costs.

The New Norm

Shoppers are already used to vehicles being hard to find. For the time being, auto manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. At the same time, dealers can add their fees to increase profits in an extremely competitive market. Maybe the price increase on Ford Super Duty models would be less noticeable, but with everything else going on in the market, it might make or break someone looking to upgrade their pickup truck. That’s not to say that the newest Super Duty options are worth the price, but any price increase has the potential to hurt your wallet.

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