How Ram Plans On Standing Out From The Rest Of The EV Trucks Market


Everything we know so far about the upcoming RAM 1500 EV makes it appear that it will be well worth the wait. With EVs arriving from several manufacturers over the next few years, it means the truck wars are not ending any time soon; they are just switching gears and going electric.

Ram intends to stand out from the others with their 1500 EV that will offer better range, capability, and power.

What Is the Ram 1500 EV

Ram’s entrance into the EV pickup truck market will begin with the 2024 1500 EV. They will build the 1500 EV on their EV-dedicated STLA Frame. It will be the first all-electric version of their popular half-ton pickup truck and feature a body-on-frame construction to make sure it’s strong and durable.

The truck will have full-length frame rails to enclose the flat battery, and insiders have also hinted that the batteries will be made in America.

The Range Extender

Even though the RAM 1500 EV won’t be the first electric pickup truck to hit the market, it will be the first to offer a range extender. This feature is not currently available with the truck’s rivals. This class-exclusive version of the truck will have either a gas or diesel-powered motor that charges the battery. It will provide the performance of an EV but without any range anxiety.

The range extender will also help increase EV range when towing, making the Ram stand out as the best option for drivers who plan on using it to tow. At this point, Ram is targeting a 500-mile range for the new pickup. This is a much longer range than other electric pickups that will hit the market within the next few years.

The Customization Options

We can expect Ram to offer the 2024 RAM 1500 EV with several bed lengths, cab styles, and customization options. Other EV pickup trucks in the works, such as the Ford F-150, will only come with one cab size and, at least to start, will only come with a one-bed length.

The Exterior Design

Don’t expect the new Ram truck to look like the gas-powered versions. Ram wants it to stand out not only from other electric pickups but also from other Rams too.

It will have sleek and modern lighting designs in the front and back, with tailgate lights that go up the sides of the gate and across the top.

New Electric Systems

Ram wants their new truck to stand out, so it will likely come equipped with helpful tech features such as an EV trip monitor and several drive modes. And a charge station locator. When using a DC faster charger, the Ram’s battery will charge at an impressive rate of up to 150 kWh. There’s still a lot to learn about Ram’s new 1500 EV pickup.

It’s slated to come out in 2024, with Ram determined to release an electric truck that will land at the top of the segment right from the start.

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