The New Honda Passport Trailsport Is Made For Adventuring


Most drivers think of the Honda Passport as a practical SUV with tons of cargo space, a comfortable passenger cabin, and a sensible V6 engine that can handle the daily grind. That’s not to say that this Honda SUV doesn’t offer a fun driving experience; it tends to keep an image of practicality over excitement.

That is until you see the new Honda Passport Trailsport model. This variant of the Passport takes on a tougher look with more capabilities to turn this practical SUV into an all-out adventure mobile.

A Trim That is “Just Right” For Adventure


In general, the Passport comes in three trim levels. The base-level EX-L is pretty well equipped with all of the practical necessities. It offers remote start, wireless charging, and leather upholstery. You also get a full suite of driver-assist safety features. It’s the SUV that every family can enjoy.

The top-level Elite trim adds some luxury and convenience options that make it a little more enjoyable, albeit still practical. You get things like ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and an upgraded sound system.

Right in the middle is the all-new Trailsport. If Goldilocks walked into a Honda dealer looking for adventure, she might think that the EX-L is a little too plain, and the Elite is just a bit too sophisticated. The mid-level Trailsport, however, is just right.

Introducing The Honda Passport Trailsport

The newest model to the Passport lineup comes with everything you find on the EX-L trim. Of course, it adds some extra features to make it more capable of veering off the practical path into a world of adventure.

Start with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces a solid 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. The Trailsport ditches the FWD drivetrain and goes right standard all-wheel-drive that pushes 18-inch to allow wheels with highly aggressive tire treads. You’ll also notice a new set of standard roof rails adorning the top.

Inside, it’s the little things that count. This Honda Passport comes with heated wiper rest zones that help prevent annoying freezing, along with rear side window sunshades, ambient interior lighting, and an in-dash navigation system. Throw in power-folding side mirrors and a 115-volt power outlet, and you can start to see why this SUV is ready to make some memories.

Beyond The Honda Passport

The Trailsport brand may start with the Honda Passport, but it certainly won’t end there. There are rumors that the Honda Ridgeline will soon be getting the Trailsport treatment. We may even see options to have the CR-V and Pilot outfitted with the rugged looks and capabilities of this off-road trim.

Ultimately, it seems like Honda is stepping up to compete against the Ford Explorer Timberline and the Hyundai Santa Fe XRT package, two off-road-ready trims on everyday SUVs. Only time will tell how the Trailsport will perform, but for now, it’s a nice break from the practical Honda SUVs we already know and love.

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