Buick China’s Electra X Indicates Big Changes to Buick Brand Worldwide

Buick China’s Electra X Indicates Big Changes to Buick Brand Worldwide

GM has just recently revealed the name and several images of a new fully electric Buick vehicle that we will soon see at the 2022 Buick Brand Day in China – the Buick Electra-X. What is the Buick Electra-X, and how does its announcement affect Buick dealerships worldwide as a new fully electric SUV model?

What We Know About the Buick Electra-X

The Buick Electra-X concept will soon be fully released during China’s June 2022 Buick Brand Day. Ahead of its debut, GM released photos of the SUV and a statement declaring that it “takes Buick’s innovative thinking and imagination of future electric mobility to the next level” and provides “a safer, smarter, and more desirable EV experience.”

GM’s released photos show external features and design choices like horizontal LED headlights, a pointed front end with a panel similar to a grille underneath, side cameras rather than rearview mirrors, and A-pillars with stripes on the front part of the vehicle.

Some other features that it’s reported to have included the Super Cruise Driving Assistant technology and Virtual Cockpit System. More information on features and specs should be available following the Electra-X’s debut in June.

Will we be seeing this vehicle in Buick dealerships worldwide after its debut, or will the Electra-X be specific to the Chinese market? What does this say about Buick’s EV plans in the future?

Buick’s Transition to the Electric Vehicle Market

The Electra-X is Buick’s first SUV concept developed using GM’s Ultium platform. It marks a significant milestone in the brand’s attempt to transition to all-electric vehicles and is said to be “a sneak peek at future Ultium-based EVs for Buick in China.”

Only a few months ago, a teaser for an electric concept set to be released in the USA this summer was put on Twitter. Electric vehicles from Buick are set to be debuted worldwide by 2025 as part of their new design principles and vision of intelligent mobility.

GM and Buick are setting their sights on the electric vehicle market in response to the growing trend toward environmentally friendly products and businesses that consumers are demanding. How does this affect Buick dealerships around the world?

What This Means for Buick Dealerships Around the World

Many Buick dealerships will find that this transition to electric vehicles changes their own vehicle availability. Not only will they be seeing a lot more EVs, but some older gasoline vehicles from Buick may only be able to be sold used.

This will have a domino effect on buyers, as Buick dealerships will have more electric vehicles and less gasoline. GM’s decision to create more electric cars may force Buick lovers to transition to EVs sooner.

No matter your opinion on electric vehicles, know that they’re becoming a large part of the vehicle market. Buick’s Electra-X is only the first of many more Buick electric vehicles coming to China and the rest of the world.

Keep an eye out for Electra’s full reveal this June and the other electric vehicles Buick is planning for the summer!

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