OnStar for GMC Now Comes Standard for Your Safety

OnStar for GMC Now Comes Standard for Your Safety

OnStar has given drivers peace of mind for 25 years. It’s a connection to a person when you need it and puts other services right at your fingertips when on the road. While in some cars, getting this connection is an optional feature, GM is taking it to the next level. As of June 2022, no matter what new vehicle you look at when you head to a GMC dealer, it will come standard with OnStar Connected Services.

What Is OnStar?

OnStar is a hands-free communication and safety system. It’s a subscription-based system that uses GPS and wireless phone technology to locate a vehicle when the driver needs help. It provides everything from calling emergency services to providing turn-by-turn directions, vehicle diagnostics, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. The range of capabilities you get with OnStar is impressive. Need to find a place to stay? No problem, OnStar can help you find places nearby. Do you hear a funny sound coming from under your hood? No worries, OnStar can run diagnostics and let you know what’s wrong. It can even give you directions to the nearest GMC dealer if you’re away from home.

Why Is Now the Time to Make OnStar Standard?

With electric cars growing in popularity, whether you shop at a GMC dealer or another dealer, over-the-air connections and access to the internet from our vehicles are becoming increasingly important. GM wants you to stay safe and connected, so the OnStar plan that now comes standard with every new GMC vehicle includes a Wi-Fi hotspot. The idea behind the change is to give drivers more time to enjoy the benefits of OnStar. It also makes the whole onboarding process easier and more seamless.

So, Now What Do I Get?

Starting in June of 2022, every 2022 and 2023 GMC vehicle will come with three years of OnStar and Connected Services Premium Plan. This plan not only has Wi-Fi data and safety services, but it also includes a remote key fob and the OnStar Guardian App. OnStar is a valuable tool to have whether you prefer to drive around town where you feel comfortable or head out to unfamiliar areas. The Crisis Assist feature will provide you with special routes during severe weather and even keep you updated during other crisis situations. The connected services make life easier with a voice service that connects your vehicle to your home devices, whether you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can even use it to lock the doors and remotely start or turn off your vehicle.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. You get all of the services offered with OnStar and Connected Services. The only difference is a slight increase in price for your new GMC. The added charge will be folded right into the MSRP and become a part of your monthly car payment.

You can learn more about the price and services you’ll get by stopping by your GMC dealer. They can show you all the features that come with this new standard feature and even help you get set up.

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