Buying A Car Is Easier Than Ever with GM’s My Brand Apps

Buying A Car Is Easier Than Ever with GM’s My Brand Apps

Have you been looking for a better way to shop for a new or used Buick? GM recently updated its GM MyBrand apps for smartphones, allowing users to shop for new vehicles and find out about deals and offers for its models.

What Are GMC’s MyBrand Apps?

All four GMC brands have apps tailored to their vehicles. The apps include MyChevrolet, MyGMC, MyCadillac, and MyBuick. Users can use these apps to interact remotely with their vehicles and use the OnStar services, even if they are not inside the vehicle. Even though each of the brands has its own app, they all have essentially the same functionality and services, and you don’t even need an OnStar subscription to use most of the features.

What Is the Latest Updated to the MyBrand Apps All About?

GM updated all the apps to allow users to shop for new cars. You can now go to your app and browse new vehicles, and you can find any eligible offers to help you save money on the GM brand vehicles that you like.

Also, with the update, you can now shop for interior and exterior GM Accessories, such as wheels, seat covers, cargo management nets, and much more. If you need an official GM part for your vehicle, the app will make it easy to find it. Shopping for OEM parts for your new or used Buick, such as brakes, batteries, and windshield wiper blades will be as easy as opening up the app.

What Else Can the GM MyBrand Apps Do?

The latest update to the MyBrand apps also allows users to activate a subscription to Onstar and GM Connected Services or manage the subscription they already have. This makes it much easier to subscribe to the plans and access services when you want them.

The MyBrand apps have a wide variety of features and functions. You can manage your Wi-Fi hotspot, schedule services for vehicles, including a new or used Buick, and even get roadside assistance. The Connected Services feature turns your phone into a mobile controller for your GM. Check to see your fuel level, tire pressure, and oil life. It can even turn your phone into a key fob that will remotely start and stop your vehicle, locate it on a map, and lock and unlock it.

What About Electric Vehicles?

If you own an electric GM vehicle, your MyBrand app can be very helpful. GM updated the Energy Assist feature to help you better manage your electric vehicle’s energy consumption. It also has features that help you find charging stations across the country, and you can even set up an account that allows you to pay for charging sessions, so all you need to do is plug in, charge up, and then go.

The GM MyBrand family of apps is better than ever with their new shopping capabilities. If you have a used Buick and want to find a new one, just open your MyBuick app and start shopping.


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