Details on the Upcoming 2024 Hybrid Chevy Corvette

Corvette is Releasing a New Vehicle

A Corvette like no other will be revealed on January 17, 2023 – and we may already know what it is based on accidental leaks in December 2022. Evidence suggests a new hybrid model under the E-Ray name will make its way to Chevy dealer showrooms this year or in 2024. What do we know so far, and what should we expect to see next week when the concept vehicle is released? And where can we get it?

2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray Leaked on Chevy’s Website

In December 2022, an online configurator on Chevy’s website showed an AWD Corvette using the E-Ray name and a hybrid powertrain – that was quickly removed after.

While information about an AWD Corvette had been released and speculated on earlier in the year, no current E-Ray models or hybrid Corvettes existed.

Some other interesting features not found on current models included a rear-corner exhaust, a new wheel design, new exterior colors, and a possible V8 engine with one or more electric motors.

Today, a new Corvette is being advertised with some of those same features.

Current News on the Newest Corvette

According to Corvette’s promotional video, a new vehicle described as “one like none” will be announced on January 17.

Winter driving conditions in the clip imply an AWD vehicle. There’s a close-up of the new wheel design at the beginning of the promotional video and multiple exterior shots similar to the online configuration photos.

There’s also a Stealth mode for this new Corvette that’s accompanied by the sound of something electric powering up.

All of this suggests that what leaked on Chevy’s website last year is coming to us now – and all signs point to an AWD hybrid using the long-teased E-Ray name.

What other things can we figure out about this new Corvette ahead of its release, and when should we expect it to be sold by Chevy dealers worldwide?

What the Current Corvette Specs Tell Us

The newest Corvette Stingray has a 6.2L V8 engine, just under 500 horsepower, and can go from 0 to 60 in only 2.9 seconds. The Z06 – a more powerful, race-specific Corvette model – gets 2,000 more RPM than the Stingray and has 675 horsepower.

If these are anything to go by, the new Corvette will likely have a V8 engine and at least 500 horsepower. Electric motors, AWD, and features like Stealth mode will enhance the E-Ray’s performance even further.

All of our questions and speculation will be addressed on January 17, so that leaves only one more question: where will we be able to get this new Corvette once it’s released?

Where to Look for More Information on the Corvette Hybrid

The first place to check will be Chevrolet’s website and Corvette’s Facebook, of course. But for more news and a layout of the new Corvette’s specs, you’ll want to check back here or at your local Chevy dealer.

It’s likely this model won’t be in Chevy showrooms until 2024, but more information will be coming next week!

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