The New 2024 Chevrolet Trax Is Truly a Dream Weaver

The New 2024 Chevrolet Trax Is Truly a Dream Weaver

The Chevrolet Trax returns to the market after being gone for only one year. This new model is now a catalyst for making dreams come true.

Chevrolet is partnering with Everette Taylor, the CEO of Kickstarter, to offer a new 2024 Trax, $100,000, and the support of Taylor to make dreams come true. They are doing this through an ongoing contest that contestants entered on Friday, January 13, with short videos. The contest, called “Lead Dream Chaser,” will follow this lucky person via their social media posts through three months of making the dreams come true.

When will the winner be announced?

The Lead Dream Chaser will be announced in April, with finalists announced in March. Dreamers that submitted their videos will have a chance to push forward to pursue their goals while using the new Trax as their vehicle to help make things happen. This new version of the Trax was unveiled in October and is supposed to be better than ever before. Can the Trax be the right small SUV to make dreams come true? It certainly can be for at least one lucky individual.

The Trax can be right when you need a small, active SUV

There’s nothing big or expensive about the new Chevrolet Trax, and that might be exactly why this SUV is the right one to make some dreams come true. Instead of ridiculously high car payments, drivers can look to the Trax for their affordable driving experience. This small and active SUV is versatile, capable, and easy to own. These factors make it one of the best options when its time to have a small SUV that can deliver the goods and help dreamers turn their thoughts into reality to bring these dreams to life.

What does this new Chevy SUV bring to the market?

The new Trax has been completely redesigned inside and out to make it better than before. This new model is longer and wider than the previous model, which means more passenger and cargo room in the cabin. When you’re looking for an affordable entry-level crossover, the new Trax might be right. The powertrain is shared with the current Trailblazer, which gives you a couple of different options in the small SUV class from Chevrolet. This new Trax also brings the benefits of the Safety Assist bundle to give you the desired driver-assist technologies.

The Trax brings a much better style to your ride

Chevy has seen the success of other automakers that created smaller versions of their cornerstone crossovers. The new Trax brings the look that reminds you of a Blazer that’s been left in the dryer a little too long. This new look turns this little SUV from an oddity to a compact crossover that should be taken a little more seriously. You’ll instantly see the larger size and build of this SUV, which makes it more substantial and ready to take you where you want to go.

Are three cylinders enough for this Chevy SUV?

The new Chevrolet Trax uses a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that delivers 137 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque. This engine mates to a 6-speed automatic transmission to deliver 29 city/33 hwy mpg. This little Chevy SUV is only offered as an FWD model, which is on par with the rest of the subcompact crossover segment. The acceleration is strong enough to be in line with the rest of this class, making it easy to use this new 2024 model, however you need to when you’re ready to use this SUV to help make your dreams come true.

Should the new Trax be considered a new hatchback?

Chevy skipped the 2023 model year for this subcompact SUV and brought us a completely new vehicle. Not only does the new Trax closely resemble the Blazer, but it’s also much lower and wider than the previous model. Is this new model low enough to be considered a hatchback instead of an SUV? Some might think so. The 2024 version loses five to six inches of height, depending on the wheel size. This loss in height doesn’t mean a loss of size, but it does change the driving feel of this little SUV.

What are some of the top features of the new Chevrolet Trax?

Larger Touchscreen

You’ll find five trims across the Trax lineup, all of which have new and larger touchscreens for your infotainment connectivity. The LS and 1RS models have an 8-inch display screen, while the upper trims come with an 11-inch screen. These larger screens look great inside this new small SUV.

Go Wireless

The larger touchscreens aren’t the only upgrades for your connectivity. In the new Trax you’ll connect to the infotainment system via wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easy to get connected and leave your charging cables at home.

Better Headlights

All models of this new Chevrolet Trax include LED headlights to give you visibility across a longer and wider area to make sure you can see much better. These lights are more easily seen by other drivers and make driving at night or in foul weather much better for you.

Chevy Brings Safety

The Chevy Safety Assist package bundles the desired technology you want to enjoy. This package brings forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection for all models. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, high-beam assist, and following-distance indicator in this small SUV.

Select Your Gauge Readings

The 2024 version of this small Chevy SUV delivers the desired technology with an 8-inch programmable display to give you the information desired. This screen makes it much easier to see the information you want without the need to search for it.

The Right Brakes

Previous generations of the Chevrolet Trax included drum brakes for the rear wheels. This antiquated braking system is gone from this new SUV. You’ll find 4-wheel disc brakes at every trim, which makes it much easier for you to maintain this vehicle and trust the stopping power.

Is the new Trax for you?

You might not be the winner of the Lead Dream Chaser contest, but you can still make your dreams come true in the new 2024 Chevrolet Trax. This small and active SUV delivers more of what you want with excellent style, an affordable price, and modern tech. Could this be the Chevy SUV you’ve been waiting to drive?

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