Ford Shifts Gears: A Look at the Automaker’s Electric Transition

Ford Shifts Gears A Look at the Automaker’s Electric Transition

Ford is making big moves to electrify its lineup, retiring several gas-powered models to clear the way for new EVs. After visiting your local Ford dealer and seeing the changes firsthand, you’ll see just how the brand is charging ahead to compete in the electric future.

Saying Goodbye to Gas Guzzlers

Ford recently announced it will end production of the Escape, Edge, and Transit Connect models. That means you won’t find new versions of these vehicles at your local Ford dealer, although used and certified pre-owned options will still be plentiful. The phase-out will open up manufacturing capacity for fresh electric options. As Ford ramps up work on its next-gen EV architecture, discontinuing slower-selling gas vehicles helps pave the way.

Investing in New Platforms


To support its electric shift, Ford is investing billions in retooling facilities like its Oakville plant in Canada. Oakville will become a major production hub for next-gen EVs and batteries. Ford’s massive new BlueOval City campus in Tennessee will build electric trucks and supply battery packs. Streamlining manufacturing will improve economies of scale.

As an early leader in trucks and SUVs, Ford enjoys strong brand loyalty in segments primed for electrification. The F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E demonstrate Ford’s advantage as a frontrunner in the EV pickup and crossover space.

Growing Pains in the Transition

Ford’s CEO has acknowledged EV adoption may be slower than expected in the near term. Supply chain hiccups have pushed back the launch timeline for some models, like the electric Explorer in Europe. Building out charging networks remains an infrastructure challenge, too. But Ford seems confident its second-generation EVs will thrive down the road.

Your Ford Dealer Is Ready: Are You?


Two major electric models are on the horizon for Ford. An all-electric version of the popular Explorer SUV will arrive later this year. Ford is also developing an electric pickup, dubbed the Millennium Falcon by executives. Both EVs will boast extended range and powerful towing and hauling capabilities.

Adding a few new electric options is just the start. Every Ford dealer across the country is gearing up for an electric future. Charging stations are ready to serve EV customers. Salespeople will highlight connected technology and over-the-air updates that set Ford’s EVs apart. Though gas models still filled the lots, the future feels bright for Ford’s electrons over gasoline vision.

An Iconic Brand Built for the Electric Era

As one of America’s most storied automakers, Ford has a unique opportunity to lead the EV charge. By phasing out slower gas models and investing in new electric platforms, Ford is positioning itself to dominate the emerging EV truck and utility segments. The transition may have bumps, but this American brand has the manufacturing muscle and loyal customer base to evolve for the electric era. Judging by the excitement at your local Ford dealer, the future is electric for this iconic brand.

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