Unleashing the 2024 Toyota Century SUV: A Japanese Rival to Rolls-Royce

Unleashing the 2024 Toyota Century SUV: A Japanese Rival to Rolls-Royce

Can a Toyota vehicle compete with a Rolls-Royce? It can when it’s the new 2024 Toyota Century SUV. This new SUV brings high-class driving to the Toyota brand.

The new Century SUV is poised to hit the top spot in the automotive market. While we don’t expect this new Toyota to compete directly with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, it’s certainly packed with enough goodies to do so. This new SUV is made to be the ultimate chauffeur-driven vehicle, carrying Japanese executives to their meetings and out for some entertainment at the end of the week. This new SUV makes a statement as a large, stately, and impressive SUV.

Growing up from the sedan

Although we don’t have the Century name in North America, this Toyota model has been part of the high-class driving market in Japan for many years. The Century sedan offers a regal nature with impressive elegance, sophistication, and driving manners. The new Century SUV builds on these qualities with a raised driving platform and better vertical interior space. If you want proof of this, Toyota compared the two Century models together to show the added size of the new SUV. Here are the dimension comparisons:

Toyota Century Dimensions

Century SUV Century sedan
Length 205 inches 210 inches
Width 78.35 inches 75.98 inches
Height 71.06 inches 59.25 inches
Wheelbase 116.14 inches 121.65 inches
Couple distance 48.03 inches 44.68 inches
Weight 5,666 lbs 5,224 lbs
Capacity 4 persons 5 persons

Table sourced from TopSpeed.com

Utilizing these dimensions, we see the new Toyota Century SUV is taller and wider than the sedan, but its shorter in length and wheelbase. This gives owners two distinct possibilities when looking for a high-class vehicle to ride in from one meeting to the next or heading to a black-tie party.

A stately manor with imposing style

The Century SUV features tall body lines and impressive vertical styling to look imposing and impressive on any road. This SUV features quad-LED headlights and taillights, which give it a high driving look from both ends. The overall style is elegant and tasteful, which is a departure from some of the typical Toyota styling cues. The simplicity of the style makes this SUV look extremely similar to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but it hasn’t copied the high-end British SUV.

Toyota does make a slight departure from the pure high-class driving mannerisms expected in the Century SUV. This big and stately SUV could be equipped with a performance-oriented GRMN package with sportier bodywork and wheels. This package enables the Century SUV to maintain its stately style while adding some flair to the mix.

The Century SUV has an incredible cabin

This new high-end Toyota SUV is much more than a pretty face. The cabin area features customizable qualities that can fit the desires of any shopper. As you might expect, the seats can be covered in high-end leather upholstery, making them impressive and comfortable. The tech package includes a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster running Toyota’s latest software, which is perfect for the driver to see proper gauge readings on the road. There’s also a large infotainment system, giving the chauffeur desired controls for entertainment and climate settings.

Looking to the rear, where most owners will sit, both passengers can enjoy the benefits of large screens for entertainment and connectivity. The sound system features clear and crisp musical qualities, although Toyota hasn’t revealed how many speakers are in the Century SUV. The rear area also features lounging seats with massaging functions to ensure passengers are comfortable during the drive from one high-powered meeting to the next.

Entry and exit made easier

For passengers who are dressed to the nines, the new Century SUV offers door configurations that make entry and exit much easier. The basic door system swings up to 75 degrees and has a set of power-retractable step boards and C-pillar-mounted grab bars for easy entry into this SUV. Future models will offer the benefits of a set of power sliding rear doors, much like a minivan, making entry and exit even easier.

The right setup for executives

The new Toyota Century SUV is large enough for three rows of seats, but that would remove the possibility of this SUV being an executive limousine. Instead, this large, stately SUV only seats four people, with excellent accommodations and amenities for the rear passengers. The rear passenger compartment is separated from the cargo area, ensuring the passengers can enjoy peace, comfort, isolation, and quiet on the road.

Unfortunately, this new luxury Toyota SUV isn’t likely to make it to North America, but if you’re visiting Japan, it could be the ideal vehicle for a fun night on the town.

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