Tesla is the New Kid in Town

The idea of a self-driving vehicle has been thought about for several years and nearly every automaker is working toward this goal including Tesla. In this category, this brand is not the new kid in town. While we’ve known about the Model 3 for a long time, this is a car that has just entered the market, making an affordable car arena new for Tesla, but still not where they are the newest in the market. No, this brand is the latest to toss their name in the hat when it comes to the truck market.

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Tesla is Ready to take the Model 3 to Europe

Tesla is Ready to take the Model 3 to Europe

Even though all the preorders haven’t been filled with the Model 3 in the US, the Tesla team has announced they are ready to take this model to Europe and offer it for sale. This is the beginning of putting more pressure on the luxury brands in Europe that offer us a variety of vehicles that we can admire and enjoy when it’stime for a great drive. The Model 3 will find its way to Germany to start with, which may seem like adding a bit of insult to the move since that’s where the most popular luxury brands come from.

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