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Donating Your Car to Charity: A Guide to Maximizing Tax Deductions

Clearing Clutter While Doing Good Donating an unused or old car to charity is a win-win situation. You get a tax deduction and free up garage space or remove an unused car from your property while helping a charitable cause that depends on donated vehicles. Navigating the intricate tax rules around car donations can be […]

Four Ways To Get Rid Of An Unused Car

Like many Americans do, you might find yourself with a vehicle that you no longer need or want. This might be a car that you’ve replaced and simply don’t drive. Maybe it was a car that you inherited and didn’t need or one of the kids left behind when they went off to college. In […]

Benefits of a Car Donation

When you’re making a car donation, the organization you donate to should be a huge part of the decision. You want the greatest benefit to be enjoyed from the vehicle you’re giving. To make this happen, you need to give your car to an organization that will make use of the car and not simply […]

Make a Car Donation and Make a Difference

Do you have an old car you no longer drive? Is there a car sitting in your garage or barn that isn’t doing you any good? Whether that old car is no longer in style, doesn’t have the modern electronics you want, or it doesn’t run right or at all, it can be a car […]

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