Social Media Algorithms: What They Mean Dealers

Social Media Algorithms What They Mean Dealers

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the constant changes in social media algorithms you may be wondering what’s the best way to make sure your content is shown to your followers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all changed the ways their algorithms work, which ultimately affects how your dealer’s posts and content are seen by customers and followers. This can make you feel like the hard work you put into creating your content is rarely or never seen by your audience, but that’s not true. With anything, there is going to be a learning curve when things change and you can treat algorithm changes the same way. Once you learn the new systems, you’ll be ready to reach your audience with confidence that your posts won’t be hidden among the social media saturation.

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2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

Going Beyond The Top Three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Social media is taking over digital marketing, and if your business doesn’t already have a social media plan and budget in place, now’s the time to start. Advertising on social media is key and it’s important to stay on top of the latest changes and trends, so your business can market itself in the best ways. This goes beyond what you may be used to when it comes to the big three social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With new marketing tools on Instagram and the customers’ needs for more authenticity, it’s time to see what social media trends you should watch in 2019.

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