The Chrysler Pacifica is Changing the Minivan Market

Chrysler Pacifica is Changing the Minivan Market

The newest member of the minivan market is the Chrysler Pacifica. This minivan is often regarded as the most advanced model on the market and it’s offered with more of what you want on the road. Let’s define that for a moment; what do you actually want on the road in a minivan? For the most part, a minivan needs to be the people mover that can handle the drive on the road with ease and flexibility. Parents turn to these vehicles to carry their families around along with the cargo and equipment needed.

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Should You Buy an Electric Car?

Should You Buy an Electric Car

If you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle and you’re considering the new models on the market, some electric cars could be part of what you consider. The growth of electric cars has been exponential in the past several years and nearly every automaker is working to offer us a wonderful new electric vehicle to give us the driving experience we want to enjoy. With that in mind, you need to consider the pros and cons of an electric vehicle before you buy one.

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Mitsubishi Combines All the Goodies

Mitsubishi Outlander GT PHEV

Can you have an excellent SUV that not only offers you the fuel-sipping powertrain of a plug-in hybrid and the benefits of AWD in one vehicle? You can if it’s the Mitsubishi Outlander GT PHEV with S-AWC.

That’s a lot of letters to unpack to give you an idea of what this SUV happens to have for your driving pleasure. With this number of letters, it means you’ve got a plug-in hybrid model that was perfected with everything that Mitsubishi learned from the i-MiEV and the adding of the Super All-Wheel Control which is the AWD system offered by this brand.

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Performance Matters at Tesla

Performance Matters at Tesla

While you might think your annual performance review could mean you need to work harder in some areas and develop a stronger skill set, unless you work at Tesla, you probably feel pretty secure in your job as long as the company continues to grow and develop. Recently, during their annual performance review sessions, hundreds of workers at Tesla Motors were shown the door and fired, even though the company is working to ramp up the production of the new Model 3. These workers that were fired must not have fit the desires of Tesla and the plan that’s in place any longer.

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EV Models Outperform in Some Areas

EV Models Outperform in Some Areas

As we’ve already learned, the future of the automotive industry will involve some form of EV driving in nearly every model we drive. Because of this, we need to know how these vehicles are going to be better for us to drive and enjoy on the road. Right now, the challenge is what’s called range anxiety because EV models can’t offer you the same range as a tank of gas when they have a full battery that’s changed the way it needs to be. While this type of vehicle does still have the lack of range needed, the fact is there are some ways that EV models are already better.

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Showing Off in Frankfurt

Showing off in Frankfurt

While we normally see more European models at the Frankfurt Motor Show, one Japanese brand chose to make this the show where they gave us a look at their newest creation. This is also a place where we see high-performance models, but with the movement toward EV and hybrid technologies, the newest model from Honda that is a concept, for now, is certainly not as out of place as the brand itself seems to be. Either way, Honda brought the new Urban EV Concept to Frankfurt to give us a look at what this model can be and will be for the future of driving.

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More Electric Excitement from Volkswagen

VW I.D. Crozz

The new MEB platform that’s built by Volkswagen is expected to spurn nearly thirty different models to provide us with a full lineup of vehicles that can be perfect for the road and use absolutely no gasoline at all. The newest member of this new family from the brand we’ve known for several decades will make a showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show and let us see what this excellent platform has to offer us in more than just a small hatchback or a microbus. This new model will be the first crossover SUV from the brand and it will use this versatile platform.

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