Futuristic Versions from Lamborghini

Futuristic Versions from Lamborghini

The writing is on the wall and hybrid models are taking over the automotive industry. We’ve heard from the brand after brand in the number of different ways they intend to bring about more hybrid models for the drive we’ll experience in the future. While nearly every brand has already added some hybrid models to the market with EV powertrains well on their way, one brand has steadfastly denied the need to transform its powertrains to make sure hybrid and EV models aren’t part of its lineup. Unfortunately for this one brand, the future will involve at least hybrid powertrains added to the mix.
The brand that has avoided adding hybrid powertrains to the market so far is Lamborghini. This has been a brand that purists love for the naturally aspirated power that comes out of a massive V12 engine in nearly every model made by this team. Even though Lamborghini has avoided the hybrid powertrains until now, the future is clear and Lamborghini has taken steps to make sure we’ll see this brand and amazing models offered with these powertrains in the past, but there is some work that needs to be done before they can hit the market.

How is Lamborghini working toward hybridization?

The Lamborghini team has partnered up with MIT to create a futuristic electric hypercar concept. Because this is the realm that Lamborghini works in, it makes sense as there are more and more of these types of cars offered by the competitors that Lamborghini faces on an annual basis. This new concept is called the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio and it shows off what this brand is made of and what it could be for the future. This is a car that has a massive challenge in front of it with the development of the technology that will be offered.
One such technology this partnership is working on is the ability to both capture and release energy. Another technology that’s being researched is creating lithium-ion batters from carbon fiber nanotubes that can be used for the body of the car in order to have a body that will act as the batteries and a new Lamborghini sports car would be just as light as it’s been in the past when it has electrification. Taking this even farther is an idea to make the nanotubes self-healing in order to allow the body to be the batteries and to last longer.
While the team at Lamborghini hasn’t committed to the EV powertrains that will be part of what’s needed for the future, they are already committed to hybrid power being added to the models they will build and offer the ride that we will enjoy in the future. Because we know Lamborghini is looking at what might be needed in the future, we can expect the brand to bring more for the drive to ensure we have an exceptional sports car lineup to enjoy around the track several times that bring the new technology that will finally be embraced and offered based on the research from this partnership.

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