The Jeep Cherokee is Improved

The Jeep Cherokee is Improved

One of the most anticipated vehicles that have been upgraded for the new 2019 model year is the Jeep Cherokee. This SUV made its way to the Detroit Auto Show to show off a large number of updates that took place inside and out of this impressive model. While you’ll see the new headlights, and admire the new engines, there are some items that have been improved for this SUV that you might not notice right away. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these subtle but important changes you’ll be able to benefit from.
Rear Liftgate – Sometimes the rear liftgate of an SUV can be heavy and difficult to open, especially when you have several items in your hands. With the use of a composite and lightweight material, the rear liftgate has been made much lighter than the previous model. This aspect of the vehicle has lost nearly 20 pounds to give you an easier time opening the rear of the Cherokee. Other areas that are lighter include the hood, LEDs, and suspension to give you a total of 200 pounds that’s been saved over the previous model of the Cherokee.

New Grill – You might notice the size of the grill openings has increased compared to the previous model, but you’ll also see that this grill looks similar to the previous one to give you a classic but modern feeling to the grill that shows off what you want to see in a Jeep. This new grill has slots that are larger than before to provide more air flow to the engine. This new design and a newly designed lower grill make sure the air continues to flow to the engine evenly to give the engine what it needs for the optimum performance on the road.

Front Lights – The shape of the headlights has changed significantly for the Jeep Cherokee, and this item alone has been the subject of much of the discussion over the past month regarding this vehicle. What you might not notice right away, is the fact that you have LED projector headlights and fog lights when you choose the Latitude model or above. This gives you the look you want and a more cohesive front end appearance when the fog lights and headlights are used together to give you the view you want at night.

Trunk Area – The team at Jeep has reshaped the trunk area to make it three inches wider than in the past. This small change in width equates to an increase in the usable cargo size of four cubic feet in this area to make it even easier for you to take the gear with you that you need when you drive the new Jeep Cherokee. The opening is also larger than it was in the past and now makes it easier for you to load and unload the items you carry in the rear of the vehicle. As a compact SUV, this is one of the most important improvements that you might not even notice when you shop for the Cherokee.

Response Time – We expect the infotainment system in a new vehicle to respond quickly and give us the information we want right ways. FCA has refined the Uconnect system in the Cherokee to make the software and menus easier to access while improving the response time. This may not be noticeable unless you’ve had a vehicle with the previous version of this system, but the fact that it’s faster will make your connectivity experience more impressive when you choose to drive the Jeep Cherokee. Get in and take a ride while you make use of the system that will give you the connectivity and excellent features you’re looking for on the roads you drive.

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