Entertained Us This Year Entertained Us This Year

We love to have videos to watch and learn from when it comes to the cars we drive. While you can read a review and take in the feeling of what a vehicle might offer you, the fact is a video gives you the look and brings the emotions and voice inflections of the author of the review to you so that you can experience the drive with them. has done a masterful job of providing us with the coverage we trust all year long and brings us several of the videos that allow us to make the right buy decisions. Check these videos out as the best from this past year:

10 Best Sports Cars Under $30,000 – When you want a sports car but you’re looking for one that has an affordable price; it can be difficult to find what you want at times. This video gave you a look at ten models that you could easily afford when you’re willing to spend up to $30,000 to have the fun and active ride you want on the road.

Top 10 Best Cars in Every Category – Are you searching for the best car you can drive that will fit your needs, this is the video you’re going to be amazed by what you see. Whether it’s a compact model, a hybrid, a pickup truck, or an SUV, you’ll be able to see the vehicle that stands out for you and might be the right one for you to drive.

2017 BMW 540i vs. Genesis G80 Sport Luxury Sedan Comparison – There’s not much that can beat the look and feel of two exciting new luxury sport sedans being compared side by side. These two both have the spacious cabin and the driving feeling you want to make sure you can have an amazing ride wherever you need to go.

2017 Mazda3 Hatchback vs. 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback – Useful models come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These two bring you a pair of cars that can go at each other and show you similar qualities that will leave you ready to pick one for your drive. Check out this video and see which one is the winner between the two.

10 Worst Cars of 2017: The Short List – You want to know the worst cars as much as you want to know the best ones as well. This list helps you avoid buying a vehicle that won’t give you the drive or the performance qualities you want when you head out on the road. Take a look at this video and see what you should avoid while being entertained.

2018 Honda Accord First Look – As a model we’ve loved for over four decades this new version of the Accord is one that we’ll get to see and enjoy. Let this video be the one that shows you what the Accord is about to be in order to make sure you have the family sedan that offers you the ride you need.

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