The Continued Electrified Craze

The Continued Electrified Craze

The future seems fairly clearly clouded with regard to what the powertrains will offer in the automotive market. It’snosecret that stricter emissions regulations will be in place and most brands are already working toward finding ways to meet these requirements head-on. A large number of brands have already announced the need to have hybrid and EV models for the future so that we can have the ride that will meet emissions standards, but some of what we might lose in the process will be the performance models, but I certainly hope that’s not the case.

One brand that has announced it will make use of hybrid powertrains in the future is Subaru. As the brand that makes use of AWD on nearly every model, adding hybrid technology to the lineup might not be too big a stretch for the brand with the exception of the performance models that we expect to see. One of the most dynamic models to drive and experience on the road, tracks, and even the desert areas that will be right for you to have the drive you’re looking for when you want to get out and have a lot of fun is the WRX STI.

What will this new model be?

While we truly have no idea what the new WRX STI will be when it arrives on the market, but we can guess. If a plug-in hybrid powertrain is offered in this model it may be one that’s offered with electric motors attached to the rear wheels to make sure you have the drive you want while also continuing to offer you the boxer engine that will make sure this car offers the power you’re looking for and the drive you’ll enjoy when you’re ready to have a great drive when you want to have some fun.

The new hybrid model of this car isn’t expected to be introduced any time soon and the team at Subaru has even stated there may be a gap in the offering with a few years without the WRX STI being offered. We already see the new Impreza will be fun for the ride and the gap in the offering of the WRX STI will be the result of testing and development that’s needed to make sure this car can eventually offer you the fun and active ride that you’ve been searching for.

In addition to the expectation then new WRX STI will be a hybrid, this new model will be built on the new Subaru Global Platform to let it be one that can be engineered and built alongside the other hybrids that will be offered for the fun we want to have on the roads and tracks. It will be a while before we see what the new version of this sports car will be, but you can bet this car will continue to offer you the active and fun ride you’ve been used to for the drive you make.

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