A Partnership of Power

A Partnership of Power

If you’re familiar with the brands Singer and Williams you might jump for joy and become giddy with the excitement of what this pair could come up with together to create a vehicle that would be a lot of fun to drive. Toss in the fact that the vehicle that was created with this collaboration is a Porsche 911 model that has the qualities you want, and you’ll be ready to sign up to drive whatever this new car comes out to be.

As you would expect, this impressive collaboration became the new Dynamic and Lightweight Study (DLS) Porsche 911 and its one that will educate you in the performance a car should offer when it’s taken to the track for the drive. This car makes use of an air-cooled 4.0-liter flat six-cylinder engine that brings you a full 500 horsepower for the drive. This engine is the one that’s been installed in the 964 bodies at the Williams’ location to make it a power plant that’s right for the drive. This engine has been reworked to make sure you can have the power you want through a fantastic six-speed manual transmission for the drive that makes it a lot of fun on the road.

More of What this Car has to Offer

In order to make the best use of what this car can give you for the drive this new and restomod Porsche 911 is one that uses carbon ceramic brakes to make sure this car can have the control desired. This car also offers you a fully adjustable suspension that finishes off the performance items you want for the drive that’s right for the drive on the track. Admire what this car has for the drive and hope that we will see at least a few of these models built for sale.

On the outside of this new model of the Porsche 911 you’ll see a retro look and style that balanced what you want with modern performance and a classic look. The exterior and the underbody are filled with upgraded aero items and BBS forged monoblock Fuchs wheels that wear a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. This blend of the old and new are balanced perfectly for the drive you want with carbon fiber racing seats, a carbon fiber chassis braking and exposed to the shift linkage. There is also carbon fiber and metal on the dash, doors, and everywhere else you care to look at this amazing model.

Thankfully, there will be a few of these models offered with the loyal Singer customers that have already bought up the initial run of 964 DLS cars. There will be 75 more built in order to make it possible for you to own one of these models if it makes its way to the market. This car may be offered for as much as $500,000 and models that are offered with even more upgrades may be even more expensive. Even though you might not ever purchase one of these models, it’s pretty cool to consider the Porsche that came from a partnership between Singer and Williams.

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