Make a Car Donation and Make a Difference

Car Donation

Do you have an old car you no longer drive? Is there a car sitting in your garage or barn that isn’t doing you any good?
Whether that old car is no longer in style, doesn’t have the modern electronics you want, or it doesn’t run right or at all, it can be a car that makes a difference to someone. To make this happen, you have to make a car donation to the right place.

Donate Your Car to a Worthy Cause

There are many worthy organizations that will be pleased to take your old car and find a way to turn it into funds that will help their cause. Most nonprofit organizations are worthy of your time and energy, but a car donation might not be the best thing you can do for them. What you need to do is find the right place to donate the car so that it can make the most impact.

The Title Work can be a Problem

The larger the item, the more paperwork is needed to have ownership transferred from one person or organization to another. Because the vehicles we drive are typically the second-largest expense we have in our lives when you want to make a car donation, there is a series of paperwork that needs to be completed. This paperwork can be challenging.

The Trouble of a Car to the Wrong Place

If you want to make a car donation to an organization that doesn’t typically use a car or doesn’t know how to process the car as a tax-deductible donation, you’ll run into trouble. You might have to get the title work done on your own and you won’t receive the greatest value for your donation, which will become a frustration when you file your taxes.

The Right Place for a Car Donation

Spend time, energy, and experience with organizations that don’t typically process, accept, or use cars as part of their donations, but donate your car to the right organization. Make your car donation to the Newgate School and know that you’ll receive the greatest value possible for your donation and you’ll have the comfort of knowing your old car is being used for more than its scrap value.

What is the Newgate School

Since 1982, the Newgate School has been a self-sustaining automotive technical institution that doesn’t charge students for tuition. The goal is to allow low-income adults to learn a trade and get them started in a career in the automotive field. This school relies on your car donation to help keep things moving forward and continue to provide the tools and expertise these students need.

More than Just an Education

Students at the Newgate School have often either suddenly fallen on hard times or have grown up in poverty. While many of them have been led to believe all they can take on is entry-level low-income work, the faculty of the Newgate School shows them a better way. Graduates are often placed in jobs that lead to amazing careers in the automotive industry and are able to earn much more than they would have without the education provided by the Newgate School.

How Does Your Car Donation Help?

Your car donation makes a difference to the students and faculty of the Newgate School in three ways. It doesn’t matter the condition of the car, doesn’t matter if it runs, and it doesn’t matter how old the car happens to be. The team at the Newgate School can make use of your old car as a tool to instruct the students.

A Pure Instruction Tool

The car donation you make to the Newgate School will be used to teach students about automotive maintenance and repair. Whether the car simply needs some of the consumable items replaces or it requires extensive repair work, the faculty will work with the students who receive hands-on instruction to make the car whole again. Even cars that will never run again can be used as a tool to instruct some of the students.

Some Cars are Sold

The greatest value you can receive for your car donation is if the car is sold at the various auctions held at the Newgate School. Your old car can be fixed up by the students and faculty and then sold at an extremely affordable price to a new owner. The money received allows the school to continue to be self-sustaining and brings a vehicle to someone who needs to have something to drive.

Other Cars are Donated

Can a donation be then donated once again? Yes, it can be. In fact, the team at the Newgate School works with the Wheels for Women program to donate cars to single mothers in the area that need a vehicle to drive. Your car donation can make the greatest difference to a family that needs a better way to get around than what public transportation has to offer.

Title Work is Simple at Newgate

The faculty of the Newgate School includes some experts with regards to automotive title work. This means its much easier for you to make a car donation to the Newgate School than it would be to an organization that doesn’t typically accept car donations for any reason. All you need when you visit this school is your title and your car and they will be able to process your donation.

Make a Car Donation that Makes the Greatest Difference

Don’t settle for donating your car to an organization that will only receive the scrap value for the vehicle, let your old car become a model that makes a difference to others in your area. Bring your old car to the faculty of the Newgate School and let them process your car donation and offer you a tax certificate to be filed with your taxes at the end of the year.
Your donation will help educate students, fund the Newgate School, or become a car that helps a single mother take her family where they need to go. Make a difference with your car donation today.

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