The Dodge Grand Caravan Marches On

Dodge Grand Caravan

For nearly four decades, the Dodge Grand Caravan has been the most popular and trusted minivan on the market.
Many of these vans have made it to high mileage numbers to give us the vehicle that we trust to carry our family. For the recent model year, the Grand Caravan continues to be a determined model that offers you an affordable starting price, excellent features, and the power you want when you drive. This is a minivan your parents likely owned and now you can have one of your own to carry your family around in every day.

More Versatile than You Expect

Most of us think of the minivan class as only offering models that can shuttle a family from one place to another, but the Grand Caravan can be much more than that. Fold down the seats using the Stow ‘n Go feature and you’ll be able to load up the rear of this minivan with the gear you need to take with you. Only put up the seats you need to use and take the passenger and items with you that you’re going to need at your destination. The Grand Caravan can be the right choice for your driving needs.

Forget Excitement, Let the Dodge Grand Caravan Get the Job Done

Other than when you were a teenager and wanted to take a risk while behind the wheel, when was the last time you actually had an exciting drive on the road? You don’t want exciting, you want predictable, safe, reliable, and affordable in your vehicle. The Dodge Grand Caravan checks off all these boxes to make sure you can have the ride you’re looking for and the ability to carry your family wherever you need to go. This is a minivan that knows how to stay in its lane and offer you a great what to spend more time with your family.

Power for the Drive

The newest version of the Dodge Grand Caravan is being powered by an engine that we’ve known from the FCA team for a long time. The 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 finds its way under the hood to give you plenty of power and up to 25 mpg on the highway. This engine is also capable of towing up to 3,600 pounds behind the van to give you the ability to bring more gear with you.

Choose the Right Trim for the Grand Caravan

Even though we’ve known the Dodge Grand Caravan for many years, you still need to choose the right trim level to give you the equipment you’re going to want when you drive. The most affordable version of this van is one that will fit into your budget while higher trim levels give you more features for what you want when on the road. Visit your nearby Dodge dealership and choose the right model of the Grand Caravan for you and your family to experience a fantastic ride on the roads that you travel every day.

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