OnStar vs AAA -What’s the Best Emergency Service Response System?

OnStar vs AAA -What's the Best Emergency Service Response System?

You pay for car insurance hoping to never need to use it, and you pay for an emergency service system for the same reasons.

Two of the most popular emergency service response systems for cars are OnStar and AAA. OnStar has an agreement with GM and is installed in nearly every GM vehicle you see on the road. If you buy a GM model, should you keep your AAA service or simply select OnStar.

AAA Follows You, Not Just the Vehicle

One of the biggest benefits of having AAA is the fact that it is not only for your vehicle but for you as a driver. The OnStar system is installed in your vehicle and doesn’t work if you’re driving a vehicle that isn’t yours but AAA will. This could be a good choice if you regularly drive a vehicle that isn’t yours, but that is about the extent to the benefits of AAA.

OnStar for the Win

The best emergency service response system for you is OnStar. Many customers have reported that OnStar will respond faster to any roadside issues you might have, especially an emergency. When you push the alert button to call OnStar, you don’t have to hold your phone or any item, which could be difficult if you’re injured.

OnStar Does More

TO activate your AAA services, you have to make a phone call, but if you’re in an accident, you might not be able to. The OnStar system has an Automatic Crash Response System that uses built-in sensors to automatically alert OnStar and get first responders on the way to your location. The time it takes for emergency personnel to reach you is crucial and if that time can be reduced, it could save your life.

Additional Services of OnStar

You’ll find three different plans with different service levels when you choose OnStar instead of AAA. These plans are:

Safety and Security Plan

This plan gives you the benefits of Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Vehicle Assistance. This is the basic plan, but it gives you the feeling of security you desire.

Safety and Security Plan Plus Remote Access

Upgrade to the middle plan and you’ll add Remote Key Fob which uses a mobile app to unlock your doors, Family Link to keep tabs on the vehicle and set boundary limits and notifications, and On-Demand Diagnostics to give you a report and pinpoint any issue with the vehicle.

Safety and Security Plus Unlimited Access

This plan is the most comprehensive with everything from the lower plans plus Connected Navigation and unlimited data for 4G LTE in-vehicle Wi-Fit hotspots. This means you can have a connection to the internet through the OnStar system while enjoying the full package of features this system offers.

Choose Wisely

If you have a GM vehicle, you can add an OnStar plan with ease, but if not, you may want to consider the benefits of the differences between AAA and OnStar. Time can mean the difference between life and death with some of these systems.

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