Volvo is Going All-Electric Right Now

Volvo is Going All-Electric Right Now

The commitment to an all-electric future isn’t anything new, but Volvo is making this change happen right away.

We don’t have to wait until 2030 for this luxury brand to turn its back on naturally aspirated engines in favor of electric-assisted models. Starting in 2023, all Volvo models will offer power from either a mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully-electric powertrain. This leap forward might pressure other brands to follow suit and show more electrified models sooner than the decade’s end. Let’s take a deeper dive into Volvo’s commitment.

Do We See Any Volvo EVs Yet?

Right now, this brand does offer two models that drive with entirely electric powertrains. These two models are the XC40 Recharge Twin, which offers an impressive driving range of 223 miles in a crossover SUV. The second model is the C40 Recharge, which delivers 226 miles of driving to provide you with the EV experience you’re after. The answer to the question is, yes, we already have a couple of EVs from this brand, and both offer good driving on any road. Get behind the wheel of either vehicle, or you’ll have the luxurious electric driving experience you desire.

Looking at the PHEV Models from Volvo

The all-electric Volvo models we see are small in numbers, but there are a few plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles that offer you the quality drive desired. These vehicles include the XC60 Recharge, XC90 Recharge, V60 Recharge wagon, S90 Recharge, and S60 Recharge. The SUVs, XC60 and XC90, receive long-range batteries that increase the electric driving range from 18 to 35 miles. This feature will arrive in other PHEV models going forward, increasing the driving range for the other plug-in models that you’ll find from this brand.

Continuing with Less Electrification from this Brand

Adding to the mix of other models in the lineup, the mild-hybrid versions offered by Volvo are only a few. The vehicles that come with this feature include the 2023 XC40, XC90, and V60 Cross Country. All three are SUVs that come with a standard mild-hybrid powertrain that makes it easy for you to drive and enjoy greater distances from a gas tank. The only way you’ll find a gas-only Volvo when the new model year will be to see one of the remaining 2022 models at the dealership.

What Does the Volvo XC40 Recharge Offer?

Built on the same platform underpinning the XC40, the Recharge model is one of the only two all-electric Volvo models offered. This subcompact luxury SUV delivers roomy seating, sleek aesthetics, and the safety scores you expect from this brand. The base trim is called Plus, and the upgraded trim brings the name Ultimate to the mix. The driving range is more significant than before, giving you more coverage for your time on the road. You’ll be glad to have the driving range offered in this quality SUV which is more affordable than some of the other EV SUVs on the market.

Use One Pedal While Driving

Driving the Volvo XC40 Recharge is pretty exciting with the powertrain offered. This SUV weighs more when compared to the gas-powered model while adding a lower center of gravity to make the drive more enjoyable for you. You’ll admire the well-tuned chassis that handles the power and torque of this fantastic SUV. If you want an electric vehicle, you can drive with only one pedal; you’ll have it in the XC40 Recharge. This impressive vehicle offers the balance of sporty driving and the luxurious comfort you desire.

Power Delivered the Right Way

This new all-electric Volvo SUV uses two permanent-magnetic synchronous motors and standard AWD. You’ll have a 78-kWh lithium-ion battery pack to provide 402 horsepower and 486 lb-ft of torque. The driving range reaches 223 miles when you have the batteries fully charged. This SUV also offers the benefits of Pilot Assist, which adds a semi-autonomous deriving system to the Ultimate model. This feature also has adaptive cruise control for you to drive without your hands on the wheel for a short period. Get inside and enjoy the way this SUV handles on any road.

What does the Volvo C40 Recharge Offer?

If you’re looking for an EV with a coupe-like roofline, the C40 Recharge is the car you can drive and admire every day. This car is described as an urban vehicle by the brand, making it one of Volvo’s most impressive and essential models. This car signals the electric push from this brand, making it a premium and luxurious model that you’ll enjoy when you drive. If you’re ready to see what this brand brings, get ready to enjoy a smooth, quality ride wherever you need to go.

This Coupe Has Good Comfort for You

The cabin of the C40 Recharge is a 5-seat interior with front buckets and decent rear headroom. You’ll admire the impressive materials, quality features, and electronics that give you the connectivity you’re after. The cabin is uncluttered and adequately organized, taking inspiration from the sustainability of this fantastic car. The seats are covered with naturally renewable wool upholstery or synthetic suede made from recycled plastic. You’ll have 14.5 cubic feet of cargo room in the trunk of this car, making it the vehicle that brings you more space for your stuff than other models.

Added Room for the Stuff You’ll Take on the Road.

This new all-electric Volvo has a sizable trunk in the rear but a front cargo area under the hood called a frunk. This small area only holds one cubic foot of gear, enough for a small duffel bag. The C40 Recharge offers more than simply the roominess of the front and rear; but it uses the same powertrain as the XC40 Recharge and offers three more miles of driving to give you the range you’re after. Take this car out for a ride and see what it has for your driving pleasure.

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