The Genesis X Convertible Stamps a High-End Position for the Brand

The Genesis X Convertible Stamps a High-End Position for the Brand

Until now, we’ve thought of the new Genesis brand as the most affordable luxury brand. The new Genesis X Convertible shows Hyundai is shooting for the stars.

Forget the value-oriented nature of the Genesis brand; a new car is coming to propel this name into the automotive stratosphere. The X Convertible will be a low-volume, high-priced car that should push some top models to be traded to drive this amazing new electric luxury car. The price could reach somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000 for this car, which puts it in the Bentley range.

The car that took LA by storm

This special Genesis showed up last fall at the Los Angeles Auto Show as the third concept model in a series of impressive electric GT cars that could fit into Hyundai’s luxury brand lineup. These new models were never expected to make it from the concept build to a production model, but it seems the third version will do just that. Genesis intends to only launch new EVs from 2025 onward, and the X Convertible is a great way to begin this forward action.

This convertible fills a need for this brand

Most luxury brands have built one or more halo flagship sports cars. The new Genesis X Convertible makes this happen for the fledgling brand. This car will see a very low sales volume but allow dealers to have a special option to offer their high-end shoppers. It could also become a gateway to other Genesis models being sold. Customers might look to save this car for special driving experiences and choose a Genesis sedan or SUV for their regular daily driving. Many Genesis dealers could put this incredible new car in their showrooms as the signature piece that will certainly draw a crowd.

Genesis brings Korean-inspired design language to this car

The interior colors found in this new convertible represent Korea. Across the nation, rooftops of Giwa Navy are seen, and this is the color chosen for the interior material of this car. The stitching takes us further down the traditional line with Dancheong Orange stitching is the traditional color of Korean wooden buildings.

The traditional looks of this car’s interior shouldn’t turn away younger buyers. Instead, this should be a wonderful tribute they can appreciate while enjoying the forward-thinking modern electronics offered in this new car. These contrasting colors give this car the vibrant character desired in a special high-end luxury car.

When shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Genesis X Convertible appears with a simple white exterior. There’s nothing simple about this white or how it’s applied to this incredible car. The color is called Crane White, and it’s coated in white which pearl particles to give this car a luxurious shimmer that easily highlights the contracting interior. Considering this is a convertible, the interior will be a huge part of the exterior style and elegance this car brings to the market.

This Genesis delivers the future of convertible cars

The roof of this new convertible changes the entire game for convertible cars. Those who love traditional convertible fabric roofs or hardtops that fold away have been missing out, and Genesis shows us how. This new roof design allows the front occupants to be part of nature while on the road, even when the roof is closed.

The convertible roof of the X Convertible is a folding hardtop that includes a transparent moonroof for passengers in the front seat. This feature gives the car an airy feeling that allows nature from the outside to come in without invading your space and changing the climate.

The X Convertible is a step away from the Genesis tradition

Genesis has only been around for six years, which might not sound like much of a tradition compared to the century-long presence of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but it has to start somewhere. Initially, this brand focused on building sedans for business users. These were the managerial level G80 and executive level G90 sedans. Today, this brand has expanded to include several new models, and SUVs, and is ready to take a step forward in design and application.

This step forward is exactly what the new Genesis X Convertible offers. This new car brings the design versatility of the brand along with the strength of building a sedan with an electric powertrain. The X Convertible is a four-passenger open-roof car that brings elegance, sophistication, and incredible style to the market. At first, we only thought it would be another concept used for future inspiration, but now we know it’s heading to the production line.

Genesis pulled out the stops to build an amazing cabin

The colors are one thing, but the style, layout, and application are another. The cabin design offers a driver-centric four-seat asymmetric layout which we’ve seen in the other X concept models. Whether or not this layout makes it to the production line is still in question, but if it does, owners of this incredible car will enjoy a unique experience while driving this amazing car.

The driver sits in an area that truly reflects the cockpit of a plane with a seamless connection between the center console, instrument panel, and dashboard controls. This makes the Genesis X Convertible an incredible car and one that could attract a few Bentley owners to a new brand and a new way of experiencing the highest form of luxury driving.

Things have come together for this new Genesis

The old saying, “third time’s the charm,” is certainly part of what we see in this new Genesis model. First came the X Concept, which was a two-door grand tourer. Then, we saw the X Speedium Coupe. Now, and finally, the Genesis X Convertible heads to the production line to be a top-end luxury car with room for four, an incredible convertible roof, an excellent Korean style, and an amazing electric powertrain.

As we draw closer to this amazing car heading to market, we’ll learn more about the specifics of how this car goes from concept to production. Hopefully, not much will change about this new high-end luxury Genesis convertible.

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