What We Can Expect From the 2024 Dodge Challenger

What We Can Expect From the 2024 Dodge Challenger

The 2024 Dodge Challenger is expected to be an EV model, but there’s no release date or official specs out so far. In 2022, Dodge announced that the new Charger and Challenger models will go electric. The Challenger EV is expected to sport an entirely new design, but its performance should be comparable to the current generation of ICE cars.

Innovative Design Solutions

One of the more difficult aspects of presenting an EV muscle car is simply that you have to consider the demographic. Will a Dodge Challenger EV appeal to those who want to go green or will it appeal to muscle car enthusiasts? How can Dodge address both at once? Some rumors about the new Dodge Challenger include emulated exhaust noise as well as a multi-speed transmission.

Concept photos of the new Dodge Challenger show a familiar exterior design, but without the grille, and it’s sporting a triangle logo on the front. It’s expected to be a brand-new vehicle with little to nothing in common with the current generation of ICE cars. It will be built on the new Stellantis platform for electric cars.

The new platform is expected to feature an 800-volt battery to ensure rapid charging speeds as well as various other benefits. At this point, the exact capacity is unknown, but some rumors say that the goal is 500 miles of range on a single charge.

Drivetrain and Performance


The Dodge Challenger EV is expected to come in at least three different models when it comes to max range, horsepower, and drivetrain. Dodge is likely to use similar configurations to the upcoming Charger EV. The base model is likely to clock in at around 455 horsepower. The mid-range variant should feature a dual-motor setup and deliver a max output of 590 horsepower.

Finally, there should also be an SRT version at the top of the lineup. It’s unknown what the power figures on this one will be, but if Dodge intends to go above and beyond the current Hellcat models, then the horsepower could go over 800.

As previously mentioned, it sounds like Dodge is planning to appeal to enthusiasts by replicating exhaust sound and using a multi-speed transmission. Most EV models come with a single or two-speed transmission, but the 2024 Dodge Challenger EV is expected to feature a multi-speed transmission. It’s not even a necessary item but will be there to keep the thrill of changing gears during acceleration.

Release Date and Price

Dodge is currently releasing the Last Call versions of its muscle cars to finish out the year, but the new Dodge Challenger EV is likely to happen in the early part of 2024. The base version of the car is likely to start around $50,000, but it might be higher.

In terms of appearance, the Dodge Challenger specs are a bit of a mystery. The interior hasn’t been revealed at all, and the exterior mostly looks similar to the outgoing ICE cars, except for the distinct lack of a grille that defines most EV models.


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