Bugatti Scooter Takes to the Streets

Bugatti Scooter Takes to the Streets

We know Bugatti as the brand name for some of the fastest and highest-powered cars in the world, but did you know Bugatti makes scooters, too?

Bugatti is one of the top names when you want the epitome of luxury and performance in a road-legal supercar. The Veyron and Chiron have set new records for speed in production models, making it easy to admire what this brand has to offer. The Bugatti racing heritage dates back a century, making this one of the premier European boutique names. Now, we’ve got a scooter wearing the Bugatti badge.

An expansion into electric scooters

You might never expect a name like Bugatti to build something as pedestrian as an electric scooter, but that’s exactly what’s happening. The brand recently launched a trio of scooters on its website, allowing consumers to experience the high-end design and impressive technology in something smaller and useful for urban mobility.

These scooters feature aerodynamic design and sleek appearance elements to capture the attention of your friends and neighbors when you ride this scooter down the block. These scooters are made for everyday use and can be great for college students who need to get around campus more easily or for teens looking for a great way to ride around the neighborhood.

What do these scooters feature?

At first glance, a Bugatti scooter looks the same as any other electric scooter. They feature a folding design to make them convenient to lug around, which is another way these scooters can be great for college students on campus.

Bugatti built these small mobility devices with a magnesium alloy frame, which allows them to weigh in at 35 pounds, which is pretty light for an electric scooter. This lightweight makes this scooter cool for people living in cities who want an easy way to get around.

These scooters can carry up to 242 pounds and travel at a top speed of 18.5 mph, making them stable and powerful.

Added elements make this scooter better

What makes this scooter better than other models? Bugatti built it with safety and technology included. This isn’t your typical electric scooter, although it looks similar. This scooter features a lighting function with dual turn signals located above the rear fender. It also has illuminated pedestal lights on both sides of the deck to make it and the rider visible during nighttime rides.

This new Bugatti scooter has a dual brake system with a left front brake lever and a rear E-ABS electronic brake. This combination makes the scooter efficient and comfortable while braking, ensuring an easier time navigating the challenges of riding this scooter around on city streets. This braking system is important in a scooter that travels as fast as this one.

While riding, the 600W motor enables this scooter to travel up inclines of up to 15 degrees. The scooter rides on a set of nine-inch run-flat tires to ensure the ride is stable and reliable. Riders who choose this scooter are serious about getting from place to place because this scooter comes with a battery that lasts for up to 25 miles. Recharging the battery is easy and takes only four hours using a 120-volt wall-mounted charging point outlet.

Why did Bugatti make an electric scooter?

The line of scooters from this high-end automaker brings three models to the market. These mobility devices are a way for Bugatti to provide sustainable transportation for riding around on city streets and college campuses around the world. This new scooter aligns with the brand’s vision to create a greener future. Does this mean we might see an electric Bugatti sports car in the future? It certainly could happen.

What are the three models?

The three Bugatti scooter models are the 9, 9 Pro, and 10 Max. The Bugatti 9 brings everything we’ve described here, with a good range and impressive speed. If you want a faster scooter, the 9 Pro can travel up to 20 mph, giving you a slightly faster time getting around.

The Bugatti 10 Max is in a category all its own. This version holds more weight, goes up to 22 mph, and has a riding range of 37 miles. The 10 Max also rides on 10-inch wheels, hence the name. This larger scooter also weighs quite a bit more, coming in at 47.39 pounds.

When you want the best in the electric scooter world, a Bugatti scooter can give you the personal mobility you desire. These high-end scooters are great for getting around urban areas and your neighborhood and are much better than a traditional electric scooter.

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